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Here comes the summer…

So, it’s been an interesting week. As you may well have heard by now, events got quite heated last night in Bristol. The riot wasn’t the only thing to have happened this week of course: An unemployed ex-miner was able … Continue reading

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Two funerals and a wedding: Catching up with the latest anarchist and socialist gossip

To start off with, a direct action round-up: the latest day of action against benefit cuts was marked by an invasion of the Daily Mail’s Glasgow offices, a picket against ATOS Origin in Liverpool, and similar protests around the country. … Continue reading

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Mind your own business! – Thoughts on selfishness, selflessness, and winning

To begin with, the usual round-up of recent events: Locked-out workers in Hull are continuing to use direct action to disrupt the economy and put pressure on their employer, causing huge traffic jams and threatening to attend BP’s annual general … Continue reading

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The English Defence League – Blair’s children?

To start off with, a quick disclaimer: in case anyone’s worrying, this isn’t going to be a crass piece of meaningless lefty name-calling along the lines of “Blair said nasty things about muslims, therefore he’s the same as the EDL, … Continue reading

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