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The media vs. the union leaders – don’t take sides, make sides!

To briefly summarise developments over the last few days: the struggle in Greece continues to escalate (as ever, Occupied London is the best source for updates, and contra-info is also worth a look), China may be on the verge of … Continue reading

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A few recent events, and the words Paul Dacre doesn’t want you to read…

Last week, the peace campaigner Brian Haw died. This fact got a bit of attention in the mainstream press. Meanwhile, unnoticed by the media, another thorn in the side of the state passed away: Bob from Manchester Anarchist Federation. I … Continue reading

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If there is hope, it lies with the kids? More thoughts on J30

It’s been an interesting week. The event that grabbed my attention the most was yesterday’s Greek general strike and blockade of Parliament – see Occupied London for indepth coverage, and Paul Mason’s blog for analysis from a somewhat more mainstream … Continue reading


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A bunch of links, and then some rambling about the US.

I still don’t really have any particularly original thoughts on recent events, but here’s a big list of various events and articles that’ve caught my eye over the last week or so: First of all, last week I complained that … Continue reading

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