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ATOS kills – the words that sank a website.

As reported on the Void recently, ATOS have been trying to censor websites carrying content that criticised them. Here’s the article that they don’t want you to read: Atos Macht Frei – Atos Origin Team Up With Gas Chamber Firm! Atos … Continue reading

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Hate-filled thugs in violent rampage

Once again, I don’t really have anything particularly new or interesting to say, so here’s a collection of stories that’ve caught my eye over the last week or so. The main theme tying a lot of this stuff together is … Continue reading

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Reasons to be cheerful

A lot of people are probably feeling a bit hopeless at the moment. The terrifyingly harsh treatment of anyone even vaguely connected with the riots seems designed to send out a clear message: money and property are more important than … Continue reading

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If you tolerate this, then your parents will be next.

It’s a full week since the riots started, and several days since they started to die down, so where are we now? New pieces of analysis are continuing to come out: I’d recommend the Commune’s “Or Does It Explode?”, ALARM’s … Continue reading

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As Britain burns, all easy answers go up in smoke

As it happens, I’d been meaning to write a fairly abstract theoretical piece about roles, anonymity, lulzsec and the Black Bloc; I still hope to get around to that at some point, but the events of the last few days have … Continue reading

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An inconvenient revolt: the movement no-one wants to talk about

Massive protests, talk of a general strike, the roof of the stock exchange occupied, parliament blockaded. No matter how high your standards are, the current revolt in Israel is pretty impressive. So why is it not getting more attention? I’m … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Pig bites man

The Metropolitan Police’s request for information on anarchists seems to be getting a fair bit of media attention. SolFed and Freedom Press have both managed to skillfully get some free publicity out of it, proving that it’s possible to engage … Continue reading

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