ATOS kills – the words that sank a website.

As reported on the Void recently, ATOS have been trying to censor websites carrying content that criticised them. Here’s the article that they don’t want you to read:

Atos Macht Frei – Atos Origin Team Up With Gas Chamber Firm!

Atos Origin, the poverty pimps currently pocketing hundreds of millions harassing people who are claiming sickness or disability benefits have teamed up with manufacturers of the holocaust’s gas chambers Siemens.

Siemens will contribute its Siemens IT Solutions & Services for €850-million to Atos Origin and become a shareholder of Atos Origin with a 15% stake.

Siemens are most famous for their use of slave labour during the holocaust.  Prisoners were utilised by Siemens to build the gas chambers in which they would eventually be murdered.  Siemens ran factories at Ravensbrück and in the Auschwitz subcamp of Bobrek, whilst the company supplied electrical parts to other concentration camps.

Atos Origin should fit right in with these former eugenicists as they carry out there state funded program to strip both benefits and dignity from those in society deemed to be unproductive.

Some have criticised the use of nazi imagery by some disability and claimants activists recently.  However the parallels between the current Government’s attitude to disability and the early days of the Nazi regime in 1930s Germany are increasingly hard to ignore.  The above poster is directly based on Nazi propaganda at the time which attempted to use fears about the economy to stigmatise disabled people (the original poster can be viewed here along with many other examples).

The present day smear campaign against those with disabilities or illness is relentless.  The right wing press spew out daily lies about benefit fraud and scroungers whilst Disability Minister Maria Miller has claimed the cost of disability benefits (and therefore presumably disabled people) is ‘unsustainable’.

As early as 1933 the Nazis passed a law passed ordering enforced sterilisation of the disabled and long term sick, something that today might be seen as many Daily Mail columnist’s greatest fantasy. Later came the infamous Aktion T4 euthanasia programme when hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities were murdered.  The medical profession notoriously facilitated many of these deaths.

Atos Origin are currently recruiting healthcare workers and doctors across the UK.  Plans to retest everyone on sickness benefits and apply similar tests to those currently claiming Disability Living Allowance will require a lot of doctors.   GPs, consultants or other experts with an in depth knowledge of their patient’s condition will be ignored however.  These health professionals are not trusted to make a decision on their patients ability to work (yet strangely are going to be trusted to control the NHS budget).   Only Atos doctors,  nurses and other unspecified ‘healthcare’ workers are involved in the decision, which is based on a short test and interview.  With huge numbers of those denied benefits having them re-instated on appeal it appears that in a ‘target driven environment’ Atos doctors simply work to rule, regardless of the long cherished medical idiom of ‘first do no harm’.

Disability message boards and blogs have been inundated with people threatening suicide due to these plans.  It is impossible to know how many suicides have happened already as a result of Atos Origin’s medical tests.  Enforced euthanasia may not be the intention of this government’s policies, but in many cases it is likely to be the result.

In Nazi Germany the disabled and sick were seen as surplus to the task of building a mighty Reich.  In Cameron’s Britain the disabled and sick are seen as surplus to the task of ‘bringing down the deficit’.  What counted in Hitler’s day was whether you were a good soldier, industrialist, scientist or labourer.  Under Fascism people were judged purely on their ability to contribute to the goal of German imperialism and genocidal savagery.  Under capitalism we are judged purely on our ability to create wealth for those at the top.  If you ain’t making the rich money, then they couldn’t care whether you live or die.  Nazism it ain’t, we’re a long way from that.  But if it takes being a little bit nazi to continue to line the pockets of the filthy rich, well then it takes being a little bit of nazi.  Now fuck off and get back to work.

Note: personally, I don’t actually think that comparing people to the Nazis is very helpful. What’s truly shocking and upsetting about companies like ATOS is that their persecution of the disabled isn’t something so extreme that it can only be understood by comparing it to the exceptional atrocities of the Nazis; the sheer contempt for human life displayed by ATOS is actually perfectly within the accepted standards for a large institution in a liberal democracy like 21st century Britain. But whether or not it’s appropriate to compare ATOS to the Nazis isn’t the main issue here – the real issue is whether you think they should be able to censor criticism using legal bullying. If you don’t think they should, please reproduce the article above, along with a few of these images:

Atos kills

Atos kills

Atos kills

If you like reading things that powerful people don’t want you to read, I can also recommend reading the article that Paul Dacre wants censored, and the article that the Met wanted censored.


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"The impulse to fight against work and management is immediately collective. As we fight against the conditions of our own lives, we see that other people are doing the same. To get anywhere we have to fight side by side. We begin to break down the divisions between us and prejudices, hierarchies, and nationalisms begin to be undermined. As we build trust and solidarity, we grow more daring and combative. More becomes possible. We get more organized, more confident, more disruptive and more powerful."
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7 Responses to ATOS kills – the words that sank a website.

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  2. After Atos says:

    Atos Kills. did not sink the website After Atos at I am the orginal “Auntie” who set up the After Atos Assessment feedback form and rolling feedback results. It did have its first volley from Atos Legal Eagle Loughrey and a second one in regard to the t-shirts. After Atos not only suffered legal challenges but cyber attacks and was expertly brought down. But NO!! After Atos was not brought down by Atos or their legal eagles. It was brought down by its own rogue webmaster who took the website off its original creator and owner – the lone disabled woman on the south coast “me” and ran it roughshod into the ground. So I had to shoot my own website out of the sky to get it out of that rogue’s hands, and yet it still took ages to get my domain name back.

    But I have and the website is rejigged and up but now under and the link to the vital feedback forms are there. was so corrupted I was advised by police and internet experts to abandon the project and let it go. But I have not. The most important thing is that the true facts and experience of those going through the Atos assessments is known. Facts and stories come out every day and horrify us. I collect them and whizz them immediately to all who need to know them to change their policy and decisions. But it is important that the accounting of the disabled is begun and their testimonies heard and in an overall qualifiable account.

    It ahs been hard and yes I have lost my head over it, but been driven to distraction. But the plain fact is, the facts need to be known. Not any political party or persuasion or personal ego is going to shout louder or have any credance unless it is based on fact. and the facts are shouting.

    The After Atos website and purpose of the feedback survey was destroyed by its own egotistical webmaster who’s need for kudos and popularity was more important than the disabled who needed the website and to give their feedback. But thankfully, that is where we have finally returned to

    After Atos Assessment – at The website and survey for all those taking the Atos medical assessment. as it attracted so much attention will be used as a satellite where more interesting images and anto atos stuff can be put without jepardising the feedback form on the main website.

    Been hard work. Don’t need Atos when you have crap like that to work with. I am disabled and have been a long time carer and fought for special needs. I know what I want. He is not.

    Auntie Admin – Back and Unrepentent and Unforgiving. Bash Bash. and have already supported others in their Atos challenge attacks and posted and abused and bastardised the Atos images already.

    ATOS KILLS but there is nothing worse than working with a twat who misses the point other than his own ego. Could be and should be doing more by now. Still not got through that glass ceiling of the press and media yet. or changed any political party even Labour and even Unions are not convinced and dragging their heels. Nobody thinks they will get disabled or ill until they get there. Lets go for it and keep smacking it. When they come back after the summer recess it will be worse.

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  6. Billy Tail says:

    ATOS National Demo. February 19th 2014

    (sorry if repeated)

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