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Yet more proof that direct action gets results.

Last week, I posted about how a former employee of the Hartley pub in South London had managed to successfully organise against wage theft with the help of South London SolFed, as well as a successful eviction resistance organised by … Continue reading

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Hope among the wreckage

Things are bad right now. Some of it’s just the stuff that’s always bad this time of year: it may be an unusually mild November, but the days are still getting shorter and the nights are still getting longer, and … Continue reading

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I am Spark-ticus! – Street battles in Egypt, occupations everywhere else.

Events are moving faster and faster. This post will probably be out of date by the time it’s finished. Still, for what it’s worth, here’s a few recent developments that’ve grabbed my attention: Birmingham, Warwick and Cambridge have all gone … Continue reading

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Time to head indoors? Highlights from a busy week

It’s been a dramatic week. In Greece, the annual commemoration of the uprising that brought down the last military dictatorship has taken on a new significance as a new unelected government takes power, and Occupied London and Contra-Info both have … Continue reading

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When they kick at your front door, how you gonna come? – Pacifism versus reality

The Occupy movements that have spread across the world over the last few months have many features that are appealing from an anarchist perspective, or at least from this particular anarchist’s perspective. For example, the movement’s embrace of open discussion … Continue reading

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What would it actually mean to generalise the November 30th strikes?

As an anarchist, I want to see mass, decentralised, open, non-hierarchical movements taking effective action to disrupt the structures that control and dominate us. Recently, we’ve seen quite a few decentralised, non-hierarchical movements, and the public sector strikes at the … Continue reading

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The Oakland General Strike in pictures

My last post was slightly rushed, so I’d just like to expand slightly on some of the things I mentioned in it. First of all, I briefly mentioned a few recent events in the UK, but didn’t get around to … Continue reading

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