Knocking Boc off the block.

Another quick round-up of recent news: The global wave of protests against austerity has brought down another government, as Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc’s government resigned yesterday in an attempt to “defuse political and social tension”. It’s too early to say whether this will work or if the protests might go further, but it’s a potent reminder of how much the world’s rulers have to fear right now, especially considering the huge protests going on in Russia. This could yet turn out to be a year of internal crisis for all the world’s superpowers, which would have a huge knock-on effect for everyone else. Instability continues to spread across the globe, as demonstrated by the sit-in that migrant workers staged yesterday in Singapore, a country which has traditionally had very quiet labour relations.
Meanwhile, in New York, transit workers associated with the Occupy movement have started agitating for a “fare strike”, a radical method of struggle where they would keep the public transport system running but refuse to collect any fares. It’s good to see this kind of innovative approach to workplace struggle spreading, since US workers are going to have to move a long way beyond the failed approach of the mainstream unions if they’re going to resist assaults like the attack on public sector organising that’s currently being pioneered in Arizona. Also on an American tip, this is an interesting bit of analysis that’s come out of the latest round of mass arrests at Occupy Oakland. Elsewhere, 120 labour groups have backed a call for a general strike on February 11th against the new Egyptian regime, which is widely suspected of involvement in a recent incident that led to the deaths of many football ultras. And Greece can always be relied upon to produce interesting news: most recently, there’s the hospital that’s been taken over and run under workers’ control, and there’s a general strike unfolding today, which you can follow on Occupied London and the Guardian.
At home, we’ve seen the news, broken by Boycott Workfare and analysed by the Void, that the leadership of the Communication Workers’ Union is backing the government’s plans to force the unemployed into unpaid labour. Not only is this obviously shit for the unemployed people being pushed into this scheme, but it also massively undermines the CWU’s own members, since it creates a pool of super-vulnerable workers who can easily be fired and have their benefits cut off if they refuse to break strikes, meaning they’d have a choice between scabbing and starvation. This total lack of solidarity with claimants would be unacceptable coming from anyone, but somehow it’s especially galling coming from the leadership of the posties’ union, since I’m sure that pretty much anyone who’s ever stood on a picket line has experienced the little boost you get when a postie’s making their rounds, sees your picket and immediately refuses to cross it.
In more pleasing news, it sounds like it’s been a bit of a shit weekend for the far-right: after talking up their intent to “spoil” the Leeds anti-fascist film festival, a threat that has to be taken seriously considering their previous attempts to attack anti-racist events in the city, they ended up totally failing to show up. Similarly, an anti-fascist call-out in Glasgow after an attack on lefty paper sellers the previous week managed to attract 100 people, but the right failed to show up there as well. They did make serious attempts to mobilise in Leicester and then yesterday in Liverpool, but couldn’t muster particularly impressive numbers in either city. Still, the fact that they’re out and about at all is a problem, and there’s no reason for anti-fascists to feel complacent at the moment.
Finally, two more things that seem worth mentioning: Barnet Council Unison members will be going out on strike this Thursday, and the Polish anarcho-syndicalist group ZSP have a round-up of actions taken across Europe in solidarity with the strikers at ABB Cordoba.

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"The impulse to fight against work and management is immediately collective. As we fight against the conditions of our own lives, we see that other people are doing the same. To get anywhere we have to fight side by side. We begin to break down the divisions between us and prejudices, hierarchies, and nationalisms begin to be undermined. As we build trust and solidarity, we grow more daring and combative. More becomes possible. We get more organized, more confident, more disruptive and more powerful."
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10 Responses to Knocking Boc off the block.

  1. Mick Mackey says:

    The BNP and EDL far outnumbered the left in Liverpool yesterday, and were cock-a-hoop. They leafleted the city centre and had over 100 at the courts. While I was there, there was about 20 very demorialised and bedraggled UAF supporters.

    • Wasn’t there, so can’t argue too much with that, I’m just going off the Liverpool Anti-Fascists write-up. If it was a combined mobilisation by both BNP and EDL, and they had a lot of people in from outside the area, then 100/150 really isn’t that great a turn-out – I know if I was spending a cold Monday in February standing around on a demo that size, I’d probably find it more dispiriting than inspiring, but maybe fash demos are just inherently more exciting than lefty ones, I dunno. When I said it was a crap weekend for the far-right, I was mostly thinking of them bottling it in Leeds in Glasgow, it sounds like Liverpool and Leicester weren’t great for either side really.

  2. Andyf says:

    Leeds anti fascist film fest with all 12 of you, lol. Your times gone my little lefturd. Don’t you get it,your not being attacked because your irrelevant. Nobodies listening to you. In Liverpool coming out to support paedos and you think that’s gonna win the masses over lol good luck with that. No paseran my arse. Antifa ha ha ha

    • I wasn’t in Leeds so I have no idea how many people turned out, but if there were 12 people there and you still bottled it that must be even more embarrassing for you. And if you’re so against paedos, when can we expect an EDL demo against Richard Price or Martin Gilleard?

  3. Andyf says:

    Like I said it wasn’t worth the time and effort trying to disrupt it. Bunch of ageing hippies and couple of daft students. If Richard price and Martin gilleard whoever they are decide to form a gang and groom only young Muslim girls then well have a demo against them. So you don’t think there a problem of muslim gangs grooming and raping young White girls? It’s usually any excuses to scream racism why not this time…ohh I forgot the perpetrators are non White and the victims are White can’t be racist then can it. Hypocrites.

  4. Andyf says:

    Liarsbuggarsandthievs check it out plenty of leftie nonces…maybe it was the sight of half dozen geriatric che guevara,s put them off,then again could of been the smell. Still no mention of the racial element of Muslims grooming young White girls. What about the lad in Hyde who got attacked by a gang of Muslims,that his own fault I suppose. You soap dodgers are running out of steam, your disorganised,you’ve no motivation,I don’t think you believe your own bull any more. Whereas nationalism is growing,it’s organised,it’s motivated and its gonna sweep Europe. Things are gonna get bumpy my little red rodent.

    • So, to summarise: 1) You bottled it in Leeds.
      2) You’re in a group founded by a paedophile who go around protesting about paedophiles.
      And yeah, racial attacks and sex offences are wrong no matter where they come from. But growing and organised are hardly words I’d use to describe any of the EDL/BNP/BFP/Infidels lot. The rate you fall out with each other actually makes the Trots look good, and that really is impressive.

  5. Andyf says:

    So to summarise:1) the day a few old crusties cause us any problems is the day we pack up and go home.
    2) the only group founded by a paedo is Islam and were not part of that.
    Every demo we out number the filth by 10 to 1,that’ll do for me. As long as we out number the oxygen thieves it’s all good.

  6. Cor, you’re a persistent little paedo apologist, aren’t you? Gonna write some more on this in a few days, but I don’t really think you care that much about stopping grooming at all. You lot remind me of the UAF – all you do is go on pointless marches and wave your signs around instead of making any serious attempt to change things. UAF protests never changed anything, and yours won’t either.

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