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On strikes, socialists and sellouts.

This post comes about a week late, since I’ve been busy recently, and it’s harder to motivate yourself to sit around writing articles when the weather’s this nice. Anyway, having spent my previous post criticising the tendency of many lefties … Continue reading


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Outside and ignored by the unions: a few links for the 89%

I’d just like to share a few very different things I’ve found recently. Some of them are very serious, others less so, but in different ways I think they all say something about the situation of those of us who … Continue reading

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Lead and circuses: yet another article about the sodding Olympics

We’re all aware that the Olypmics are a bad thing, right? Not because there’s anything inherently wrong with running or swimming or throwing sticks around, although there’s probably something a bit odd about anyone who genuinely cares about the table … Continue reading

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On Azhar Ahmed, free speech, state censorship and anti-racism

19-year-old Azhar Ahmed has been arrested and charged with a racially aggravated public order offence for allegedly having an offensive facebook status about British troops in Afghanistan. Now, looking at what he’s supposed to have said, I can certainly understand … Continue reading

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No leaders, no names, no egos: Thoughts on LulzSec and anonymity.

In order to say what I want to say about lulzsec and hacking in general, it’s first worth taking a moment to go over the the problems with roles. This might bore some of you who’re already familiar with this … Continue reading

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KONY 2012: Stop offering simplistic solutions to complicated problems. In 2012.

By this point, it’s probably safe to say that awareness of Joseph Kony has been well and truly raised. Admittedly, the Kony 2012 video hasn’t yet spread quite as widely as Rebecca Black’s heroic efforts to raise awareness of the … Continue reading

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Quick update on anti-fascism and state repression in the US and elsewhere.

Last Monday, white supremacist groups tried to hold a nationwide day of action in the US. I don’t know much about how it went down overall, but it’s definitely the case that the protests led to anti-fascists being arrested in … Continue reading

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