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House raids and mass arrests: the Black Scare is well under way

Recent events have made it clear just how serious repression is likely to get in the near future. As yesterday’s mass arrest in London shows, repression during the Olympics is likely to be very widespread, targeting anyone who even looks … Continue reading

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Freedom isn’t free; it costs £2, or £22 for a subscription

By this time, I’d guess that quite a lot of people in the UK anarchist movement probably know about Freedom’s current financial troubles; if you haven’t heard about them yet, you can catch up on them here and here. By … Continue reading

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Free our friends! And everyone else: thoughts on prison and activism

Last year saw a lot of amazing struggles. Some of them got a lot of media attention; others received very little. One of the ones which was hardly mentioned in the mainstream media, at least in the UK, was the … Continue reading

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Cleaners, tenants and Remploy workers taking action

Just a quick post plugging a few important events happening over the next few days: First, workers at Remploy factories are meant to be going out on strike tomorrow and next week. The government’s proposed closure of Remploy factories doesn’t … Continue reading

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Putting the politics back in Pride?

Back at the start of June, I wrote a piece looking at the contradictions of Pride events. We’re now about halfway through Pride season, and we’ve now seen at least two attempts to try and challenge Pride’s (lack of) direction … Continue reading

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Beating Balfour Beatty, humiliating Holland & Barret, and round 2 of the Israeli Summer: late June-early July round-up

I’ve been pretty busy for a while, and really not had time to post anything substantial on here, but quite a lot of important stuff’s happened recently that seemed worth mentioning, so here’s a quick round-up: The first big victory, … Continue reading

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