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Meanwhile, away from London…

So, it’s been a while since I got around to posting anything on here. For quite a while now,  a lot of the internet (and real-life) news and debate sources I pay attention to have been pretty much entirely taken … Continue reading

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Does work set us free?

One of the worst ways to criticise anything is by comparing it to the Nazis. Many people who really should know better seem to think that just proving something is bad in itself isn’t enough, and that something’s only worth … Continue reading

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On Syria: against thinking like a state

The carnage in Syria continues. As long as the instability continues, the US and UK are going to be tempted to intervene in some way – as far as I can tell, the latest news is that Hague’s promising to … Continue reading

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Leicester: when anti-racism alone is not enough

East Midlands Anti-Fascists have an interesting report on attempts by the far-right to stir up racial tensions in the Thurnby Lodge estate in Leicester, where a disused scout hut is set to be turned into a Muslim community centre, although … Continue reading

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Unions kiss Remploy goodbye

In a grimly predictable move, the Remploy strike scheduled for this Monday has been called off. The official union statement doesn’t seem to be available anywhere except on the Socialist Party and Right to Work websites – neither group seems … Continue reading


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We can’t win by playing their games.

So, the Olympics are well underway, and there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of opposition to them. There was the Critical Mass that turned into a mass arrest last Friday, and then the Counter Olympics demo on … Continue reading

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