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Zionism and anti-Zionism: an anti-state perspective

Although another shaky ceasefire has now taken hold, the recent Israeli military operation in Gaza is a reminder of how inherently unstable the current set-up in the region is. Active hostilities may have paused, but it’s only a matter of … Continue reading

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More thoughts on Jobmatch

As a general rule, I try to avoid writing too much about my own personal experiences, but since they’re directly relevant to the issue of Jobmatch, I’ll make an exception here. As many people who read my last post on … Continue reading

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IWW Cleaners win at John Lewis

So far, 2012 hasn’t been a great year. Internationally, the burst of rebellious energy that shook regimes across the Middle East last year seems to have run out, or, as in the case of Syria, been channeled back into the … Continue reading

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For worthwhile action on November 14th: Close Crossrail!

This Wednesday will see co-ordinated strike action across a number of different European countries. Of course, one-day actions are never enough, as the defeat of the pensions dispute and the 20+ general strikes in Greece over the last few years … Continue reading

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Workfare’s in trouble. Time to finish it off.

Throughout this year, there’s been a steady flow of actions against workfare. In recent days, two stories have shown how effective this campaign is: the British Heart Foundation have put out a press release attempting to distance themselves from the … Continue reading


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BNP racist wins in court. So what?

This week, bus driver and former BNP councillor Arthur Redfearn won an unfair dismissal case against Serco in the European Court of Human Rights. I can’t really say that I’m sorry. So there’s no misunderstanding: I don’t agree with Arthur … Continue reading

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Early November round-up

Just a few quick links to things I’ve seen or read recently that’re of interest: While Rome Burns has a really good piece on anti-fascism and the decline of the EDL, and the newly-launched Plan C website has a few … Continue reading

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Electoral realism – a reply to Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher is one of the most prominent anti-capitalist thinkers around in the UK at the moment, and his book Capitalist Realism is a well-respected and widely-cited text. Personally, I have to admit that I’ve not got around to reading … Continue reading

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