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Matt Duran and Kteeo Oljenik are free!

Very good news from the USA’s Pacific North-West, as Matt Duran and Katherine Olejnik, two anarchist comrades who have now been in prison for five months and solitary confinement for two, have now been freed. However, Maddy Pfeiffer still remains … Continue reading


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Know your rights at the jobcentre: refusing changes to your Jobseeker’s Agreement

Yesterday’s confusing court decision on workfare showed two things: firstly, that it’s possible to use the DWP’s own rules and regulations to trip them up, but also that, since they get to write the rules, they’ll usually manage to rewrite … Continue reading

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Workfare on the ropes, occupations spreading: resistance to austerity is taking off.

The success of Cait Reilly and Jamie Wilson’s legal challenge to workfare schemes is a big victory. But, while this news is important, it’s still not quite enough. Apart from anything else, Mandatory Work Activity remains legal, making it all … Continue reading

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Freedom lives on! Early February round-up

It’s been a bit of a while since I got round to writing anything. At the moment, the most obvious big story of relevance to anarchists is the recent firebombing of Freedom Bookshop. Freedom Press seem to have had a … Continue reading

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