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As soon as this left unity appeal finishes…

“Left unity” is an idea that’s been discussed many times before, not least on this very blog, but it seems to keep on cropping up again and again. It’s hard to work out what actual content there is to the … Continue reading

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2011 eternal – bitter notes from the budget/groundhog day strike

Yesterday saw one of the first big strikes for about a year, as members of the PCS took action in what the union is promising will be an ongoing campaign of action. The picket lines I visited seemed quite mixed: … Continue reading

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Outside Agitators in the Frozen Zone, and some brief thoughts on the SWP.

(Trigger warning for discussions related to rape) I’ve not written anything on here for a while now. There’s a few different reasons for this, not least that I’ve just been a lot busier as a result of the upsurge of … Continue reading

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