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Emergency! Woolwich and the politics of urgency

Perhaps this is a terrible thing to admit, but when I first heard about what had happened in Woolwich – and, more to the point, when I began to realise the effect it would have on the wider political climate … Continue reading

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From Staffordshire to Stockholm: notes from the class struggle

For a while now, I’ve not really written anything substantial, just used this blog as a place to share links to things that I think are interesting. This is another of those posts, but at least it should be short. … Continue reading

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Beating bosses in Birmingham, bothering blacklisters: mid-May round-up

Another quick round-up of a few interesting stories and upcoming events: on the benefits front, the big news of late is the legal victory won by workfare campaigners over the DWP, in a case which the government had previously warned … Continue reading

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Bins, buses and bossnappings: post-May Day round-up

So, it’s been a while since May Day, and the excitement of having a holiday born out of the class struggle has faded a bit. May Day was born out of the struggle for an eight-hour-day, which was an attempt … Continue reading

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