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Vampires aren’t actually real, though. Class is: a reply to Mark Fisher’s castle of bollocks

2019 update: five years down the line, I still don’t think that the article I was replying to here was a very good one, but I think that I let myself be provoked into responding in a way that mirrored … Continue reading

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Inappropriate feelings: on armed grumpiness and emotional sabotage

It’s strange to notice how often we’re told how to feel. It happens on a small, daily scale – it’s especially noticeable for people who work in customer service, but in general almost everyone who has a job is told … Continue reading

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Battle the Blacklisters, Wednesday 20th November

If you work for a living, or are looking for work, or you expect to do so in the future, and you’ve ever done anything you wouldn’t want an employer to know about, you should be concerned about blacklisting, the … Continue reading

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Russian dolls and Russian tragedies: some thoughts on Marxism, facebook and shitting yourself

Trigger warning for content related to rape and domestic violence. It’s been a bad year for the top-down, hierarchical organisations that dominate the left. First, the attempted cover-up of a rape led the Socialist Workers’ Party into a lengthy, messy, … Continue reading

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