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Self-organised claimant resistance to Atos: a success story for our time

This week saw an important and encouraging development in the ongoing resistance to welfare reforms and austerity: a national day of action, largely organised by claimants themselves with little input from any larger permanent organisation, was successful in provoking Atos, … Continue reading


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Against liberalism, for intersectional class politics

Whenever controversies around issues like race, gender or sexuality erupt in the left, they always seem to produce a fairly predictable set of responses. As if by clockwork, a certain set of male leftist writers spring into life to churn … Continue reading

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Stand up to repression: defend Mark Harding

These are the bail conditions that were imposed on Mark Harding, a tube worker who was arrested during last week’s strike for asking a strikebreaker to respect the picket line. There’s going to be a meeting in the Exmouth Arms … Continue reading

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Is the bedroom tax beaten in Scotland?

The Scottish government have voted to make £50 million available to tenants to cover the cost of the bedroom tax. So far, I’ve seen very little discussion of this, especially not from any kind of critical perspective. I know the … Continue reading

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Scots to scrap the Bedroom Tax?

I’ve not seen a lot of discussion yet about the latest bedroom tax news from Scotland. At first glance, it looks like a great victory, but I don’t want to rush to conclusions too quickly about how far this is … Continue reading

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Endless Contempt: our silence is more powerful than their prisons

Anarchist prisoner Jerry Koch has been released after spending eight months inside for his refusal to give information to an FBI investigation targeting radicals in New York. Legally, the US government has the power to imprison people to force them … Continue reading

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Ongoing struggles: Atos, Shetland Gas, Focus E15 Mothers

Just a quick round-up of a few recent/ongoing struggles that don’t seem to have attracted much attention: First, there’s been a call-out for a national day of demos against Atos on February 19th. The organisers have been very ambitious in … Continue reading

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