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Solidarity with anti-G8 prisoner Liam Harriman

I missed this at the time, but the Legal Defence & Monitoring Group report that Liam Harriman was jailed at the end of July, with a sentence of 16 weeks, of which he’s likely to serve 8. He was arrested … Continue reading

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May we continue to surprise each other: A Ferguson reader

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few weeks reading and thinking about what’s been going down in Ferguson. I still don’t have a great deal of original commentary of my own to add, but here’s a selection … Continue reading

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A tale of two black flags: some confused thoughts on anti-state resistance to the Islamic State

Over the last few weeks, people across the UK have been taking to the streets to voice their anger at massacres happening in the Middle East. Some of these people have been protesting against Israel’s slaughter in Gaza, a relatively … Continue reading

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Mid-August round-up: direct action and strikes in London, Brighton, Barnsley and Doncaster

The action against unpaid wages at a temp agency in London this week was a success, with the organisers reporting that “They saw that we were talking to other people who had come to register with the agency, that there … Continue reading

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Action against rip-off temp agency, Wednesday 13th August, London

This upcoming action against a rip-off temp agency in West London looks worth attending if you can make it, or helping to publicise if you can’t: ACTION TO GET OUR HOLIDAY PAY!! We are 4 agency workers, on minimum wage, … Continue reading

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