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Hunting for a red October: events round-up for the next few weeks

There’s quite a lot of important events happening over the next few weeks. Some of them have been quite widely publicised, others less so, but here’s a round-up of events that look worth attending over the next month or so: … Continue reading

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Ealing drama: call to support warehouse workers organising in West London

A group of warehouse workers in West London are asking for supporters to help an ongoing organising project. The Angry Workers of the World collective, who have previously organised a successful action to recover unpaid wages from a temp agency, … Continue reading

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Still not laughing at the English Defence League

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes a caption is too. While looking for coverage of the far-right’s attempts to exploit the tragedy in Rotherham to stir up a bit of cheap publicity, I stumbled across something … Continue reading

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Know your rights at work: requesting flexible working hours

As workers, the law is often stacked against us; there are plenty of laws that benefit employers, and when there’s a change to employment law, the effect is usually to leave us in a worse position than we were before, … Continue reading

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