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Late October round-up: speaking tours, court dates, eviction resistance and more

Another round-up of upcoming events and the like: Following on from the bookfair, there are at least two speaking tours happening with anarchist speakers visiting the country: scott crow will be speaking at various locations on creating power from below … Continue reading


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Mid-October round-up: updates on state repression against Lisa McKenzie, Bahar Mustafa and Teesside construction workers, and other news

A few recent and upcoming events of interest: Two fairly short-notice demos will be happening tonight: in Teesside, construction workers will be protesting against police intimidation at the Eston police station at 5.45, in response to police harassment of workers … Continue reading

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Early October class struggle round-up: couriers, construction workers, and call centre staff fighting back

A few recent wins in the class struggle: Up North, Newcastle SolFed are reporting that they’ve won a substantial wage theft campaign against a call centre in Newcastle, and promise a fuller report coming soon. Down in London, the Independent … Continue reading

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Momentum, mo problems?

It’s hard to know what to make of the announcement that the Corbyn campaign machine is to become Momentum, largely because there’s so little precedent for something like this, especially in the UK context. From an anarchist perspective, it’s noticeable … Continue reading

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Stand with Bahar Mustafa and Tony Cox: once again on free speech and liberty

When I first heard about the controversy over Bahar Mustafa making some jokes on the internet, I dismissed it as being pretty much a big fuss over nothing: some students with nothing better to do getting all worked up over … Continue reading

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Enjoy hipsterphobia as part of a balanced diet

As the somewhat improbable level of fallout from the Fuck Parade rolls on, Cava Sundays has offered a more radical critique than the standard “what kind of a monster targets small businesses?” platitudes. I don’t think that their critique of … Continue reading

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