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A house divided: thoughts from a disunited kingdom

So, which are you? Are you an uneducated, probably elderly and therefore worthless, racist driven by blind hatred of immigrants? Or are you an out-of-touch snobby metropolitan liberal who doesn’t believe in democracy and loves sneering at the poor? Pick … Continue reading

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The polls have closed, the struggle goes on – worker and migrant solidarity action over the next few days

Although your chance to have your say in whether the UK should stay in the European Union or not has finished, the broader questions about what the society we live in will look like are still far from settled. There … Continue reading

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The day the rent fell

Congratulations to students at University College London, where a hard-fought rent strike has now led to an offer to cut rents by 2.5% over the next few years. It’s not enough, but it’s a step in the right direction. The rent … Continue reading

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Upcoming dates in workplace and welfare struggles, late June-early July

A few important upcoming dates: The amazing cleaners who’ve been organising though the United Voices of the World union in London are currently on an all-out indefinite strike at 100 Wood Street, and have been for over a week. They’re … Continue reading

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A small suggestion of kindness and human connection

  There are many possible ways to respond to the murder of Jo Cox. I don’t want to tell you what to think or feel about it, or to claim that the events prove the validity of my ideas in … Continue reading

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Repression round-up: news from courts and prisons in the UK, Eastern Europe and the USA

A brief disclaimer: I’d been working on this post on and off for a few days now. The fascist killing yesterday feels like it needs some kind of a response, but I don’t know exactly what, and I really don’t … Continue reading

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So bored with the EU: filmshowing and wage theft action in West London, 24-25th June

If, like me, you’re feeling thoroughly sick of the whole EU referendum, if you just want Bob Geldof and Nigel Farage to fuck off to the bottom of the Thames and take their whole sickening crews with them, but, unlike … Continue reading

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The disadvantage of not speaking a second language: English language texts on the movement in France

Recent events in France seem pretty exciting and worthy of attention and analysis. They’re also really hard to keep up with if you don’t speak French, and particularly if you have limited time and energy to try and follow the … Continue reading

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