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The centre cannot hold: 2016 in review

So, this was a pretty brutal year in a lot of ways. It wasn’t all grim all the time, but there was certainly more than enough pain and misery to go around. This is an attempt to try and trace … Continue reading

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Boxing day round-up: a few recent stories and upcoming events

A few recent stories you may have missed: some festive cheer came from the CPS dropping charges against the Bahraini activist Isa Alaali, who was nicked for disrupting an arms fair earlier this year, and some tentative good news in … Continue reading

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Calls and emails needed for California IWOC member facing victimisation

From the Oakland Incarcerated Workers’ Organizing Committee: “Hey IWOCers and supporters! Have you been looking for a way to plug in and offer support to prisoners that are putting their safety and their lives on the line but haven’t been … Continue reading


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Cleaners, couriers, casualisation, cereal and construction: news from grassroots workers’ struggles

A few stories you might have missed from recent days: The LSE has just announced a pay rise for cleaners that will take them up to the current London Living Wage of £9.75 an hour, which is one of the … Continue reading

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Birmingham prison solidarity demonstration, 17:30, Sunday 18th December

From here: “You may have seen the riots taking place at HMP Birmingham on 16 December, this demonstation acts in solidarity with those incarecerated at HMP Birmingham who are fighting on the inside, and against G4S, HMP and the Prison … Continue reading

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Unpacking the basket of deplorables: a reply on Trump voters, myths and myth-making

The Workers Solidarity Movement recently published a piece by Andrew Flood analysing the make-up of the Trump vote. The article’s specifically intended as an intervention into a particular debate on the left, one that Flood characterises as being between “the … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season to walk out: logistics and transport strikes at Argos, Post Office and Southern Rail

Changes in the economy have made action that can block the movement of commodities more powerful than ever, and the frantic shopping rush in the run-up to Christmas intensifies that further. Now, following on from the recent DHL Logistics strike, … Continue reading

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Deliveroo campaign public meeting, December 13

From the IWGB: Maybe you have heard that Deliveroo management has rejected our request that Deliveroo drivers be recognised as workers. This request was the first step in our plan to end the bogus classification of drivers as ‘self employed’, … Continue reading

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Prisoner solidarity: festive edition

So, we’re approaching that time of year when most of us get a few days off work to spend with the people we care about. Whatever your thoughts on the holiday as a whole, it’s a thing that lots of … Continue reading

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Rebel Roo #2 out now

The December issue of the Rebel Roo, a new bulletin helping Deliveroo workers to communicate and organise, is out now. You can order copies by emailing rebelroouk [at] or just download them from here – it’s still only 2 … Continue reading

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