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Other-flagellating politics

At the moment, I’m trying to work out what I currently think about stuff that gets called “identity politics”, and, perhaps more interestingly, about arguments made by people criticising stuff that they call identity politics, because the whole subject feels … Continue reading

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Social strike strategising and microwave moussaka militancy

Two quick plugs: first off, registrations are now open for the Transnational Social Strike Assembly that’ll be happening in London in February. The organisers say: “Following on from meetings in Poznan, Poland and Paris, France, we will be in London … Continue reading

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Fundraiser for antifascist and IWW member shot in Seattle

On Friday night, someone was shot at a protest in Seattle against prominent alt-right bigot Milo Yiannopoulos. His comrades are now fundraising for his hospital bills, loss of income while unable to work, and any potential legal costs that might … Continue reading

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100% victory for Harrods workers in tip row

The United Voices of the World union report that Harrods have totally backed down in the face of the campaign for their staff to keep their tips. In their words: “BREAKING NEWS: VICTORY! VICTORY! VICTORY! We have beaten Harrods, the … Continue reading

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Memorial fund to support Mark Fisher’s family

Friends and comrades of the late Mark Fisher have set up a collection for his bereaved wife and child. They explain they “have set up this collection to raise money for them, in the hope that it will allow them … Continue reading

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Keeping the flames of Ferguson alive: Help Robert get back on his feet.

For the last few years, the Ferguson Court and Prisoner Support Group have been doing great work supporting those individuals who were targetted for repression in the aftermath of the Ferguson revolt. Robert Stephenson (not to be confused with the … Continue reading

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RIP Mark Fisher

It’s always sad to hear about someone you respected dying, and there’s a strange sense of guilt that goes along with it when your main public engagement with their ideas involved pointing out (sometimes quite forcefully) where you thought they … Continue reading

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Breathing space, friendliness and solidarity at work

The Angry Workers of the World collective recently published an article on everyday workplace solidarity, which has some good tips for what people who’re feeling isolated in places with no existing organisation can do: It is a strange world. We … Continue reading

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An unlucky day for the Turkish state? Solidarity with Hüseyin Civan on Friday the 13th

London Anarchist Federation and London Anarchist Black Cross are calling for people to join a picket of the Turkish embassy between 12-2 on Friday 13th in solidarity with Hüseyin Civan, a jailed Turkish comrade. In their words: When? 12-2pm, Friday 13th … Continue reading

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Rebel Roo #3 out now

The latest issue of the Deliveroo workers’ bulletin, Rebel Roo, has been published, with stories including a successful strike by Bristol trainers, Deliveroo being forced to back down over their attempts to victimise a London worker, the City-Sprint legal ruling … Continue reading

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