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Equality staff strike for their sacked colleagues, Wednesday 1st March

In early February, a number of staff members at the Equality and Human Rights Commission were sacked by email while out on strike, and given 24 hours’ notice to clear their desks. On Wednesday 1st March, EHRC staff will be … Continue reading

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Commemorating, and learning from, the Miners’ Strike: events in March

There’s a few events coming up in early March related to the great miners’ strike of 1984-85 and its legacy. First off, in Wakefield on Saturday 4th March, there’s the annual With Banners Held High event, featuring various discussions of … Continue reading


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Solidarity with Belarusian antifascists

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) have set up a fundraiser for a comrade in Belarus who is accused of attacking neonazis last year. In their words: “Since 2009, ABC Belarus have been supporting political prisoners in a country where it’s … Continue reading

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Support the Leeds Deliveroo Hardship Fund!

An update on the Deliveroo organising effort in Leeds: “Why you should support the #LeedsDeliveroo7 In early February, management at Leeds Deliveroo managed to infiltrate a WhatsApp group being used by our members to organise other riders. Upon finding the … Continue reading

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Against homophobic abuse and management complicity: London, Friday 24th February

Over two months ago, a cleaner at the London School of Economics, employed via the contractor Noonan, submitted a formal grievance saying he’d been subjected to homophobic bullying at work. While Noonan is known for its record of taking very … Continue reading

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Antifascist actions this weekend: against the art-right, Britain First, Polish nationalists and more…

The far-right will be out and about in various different forms this weekend, and there’ll be opposition to them all over the place: In Telford, Shropshire Antifa are mobilising against a Britain First rally. Down in London, London Antifascists and … Continue reading

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Call for emails in support of Brighton Deliveroo workers

The IWGB report that supporters of the Brighton Deliveroo workers have been emailing in in support of their demands, and encourage anyone who feels like it to join in. To add your support, email, and, and cc … Continue reading

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Transatlantic conversations: 4th March

The Angry Workers of the World collective are proposing a series of discussions with US comrades. In their words, “We think it would be useful and interesting to speak directly with comrades in the States about recent developments in order … Continue reading

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Deliveroo in Brighton: it’s on!

As of today, the Brighton Deliveroo riders who’ve organised through the IWGB union have officially launched a campaign for the company to pay £5 per drop. As of today, that looks like a petition and some ITV coverage, but we … Continue reading

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Prison news for mid-February

A few updates on prison struggles in the UK and internationally: In news from the movement against building new prisons here, there’ll be an evening of discussion in Leicester on Thursday 23rd February, and people will be out opposing the … Continue reading

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