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Taking Back Control

Under the title of “Take Back Control”, events will be taking place across the country (specifically Barnsley, Bradford, Croydon, Hastings, Norfolk, Plymouth and Sunderland) over the next few months, aiming to “bring together leave and remain voters, make sense of … Continue reading

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Deliveroo updates: concessions in Brighton, victimisation in Leeds

In Brighton, where Deliveroo riders gave the company two weeks to institute a hiring freeze and raise the rate per drop to £5, the first of those demands has now been met. There’s now just a few days to go … Continue reading

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Victory for tenants as Santander backs down on rent rise clause

In the face of co-ordinated action from renters’ groups across eight cities, Santander bank have confirmed that they’re backing down and removing a clause from their mortgage contracts that required buy-to-let landlords to “take all steps to ensure… the maximum … Continue reading

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Day of tenants’ action against Santander and rent rises, Saturday 18th February

As part of the move to develop a national tenants’/renters’ union, people in eight cities will be taking action against Santander this Saturday, demanding that the bank drops a clause in its mortgage contracts that requires landlords to “take all … Continue reading

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Uber strike heats up: scab cabs get lit, Bengaluru joins in

The latest news from the Uber/Ola strike in India appears to show that the strike is both spreading and becoming more militant: Drivers in Bengaluru, which is in Karntaka, a very long way south of where the strike appears to … Continue reading

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Upcoming bookfairs: Cardiff and further

Just a quick post to plug the fact that there’s a few anarchist and radical bookfairs happening across various areas in the next few months, starting with Cardiff this weekend: After that, March is a bit quiet (at least for … Continue reading

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Organising outside formal unions in the app economy: updates from the Delhi drivers’ strike

The negotiations between a drivers’ union and the app-based cab companies Ola and Uber seem to have hit a deadlock for now. But the formal negotiations with union representatives are less interesting than what’s happening outside of official union structures. … Continue reading

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Uber-pissed off: drivers in dispute from Delhi to Doha

Mention the words “Uber” and “strike” together in the English-speaking world and people might be likely to think of the backlash against the company for breaking the New York taxi strike against Trump’s immigration ban. But Uber drivers are far … Continue reading

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Mid-February workplace round-up: Deliveroo, cinemas, cleaners and more…

A quick round-up of ongoing workplace issues across a few different areas and sectors: In Brighton, Deliveroo workers are still counting down the days to see if management will agree to their demands or if they’ll have to take further … Continue reading

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Human rights and workplace wrongs: Equality Commission staff sacked while on strike

Yesterday, in the middle of an ongoing dispute with the PCS union, the Equality and Human Rights Commission sacked 10 members of staff without giving them any notice. The PCS report that protests were held in response today outside each … Continue reading

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