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Socialism in three cantons? A view from Washington

In the ongoing discussions of the social experiment taking place in Rojava, the economic aspect often tends to get neglected. You can read a lot about the military aspect, the war against ISIS, co-operation with US forces and so on, … Continue reading

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Cleaners and security guards strike together, Wednesday 17th May

Security guards organised through the IWGB grassroots union at the University of London will be out on strike on Tuesday 16th-Wednesday 17th, fighting for fair pay, an end to zero hours contracts and proper payslips. Meanwhile, cleaners at the London … Continue reading

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Inmates strike at Sofia prison, Bulgaria

There’s really not much English-language information about this situation available at the moment, but according to the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association: “There is a mass strike by over 60 prisoner workers in Sofia Prison in protest over the order for slave … Continue reading

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Facing down repression: Turin, Tallaght, Dover and DC

There’s a pair of events coming up in London in solidarity with people facing repression. On Wednesday 17th, there’ll be an evening of information and discussions, and on Saturday 20th there’s a benefit party planned. Both events are focused on … Continue reading

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Upcoming disability actions: West Midlands and Scotland

The Disabled People Against Cuts network seem to have decided on a “trash the tories/not the fucking tories” approach to the election, and as part of this the West Midlands branch will be out in Birmingham on Wednesday 17th explaining … Continue reading

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May Rebel Roo out now, and other courier news

The seventh edition of the self-organised Deliveroo workers’ bulletin, Rebel Roo, is out now, with reports from Brighton and Marseilles, and suggestions on how to start organising. As ever, if you fancy helping get them into the hands of Deliveroo … Continue reading

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America First? Transatlantic discussions in London

  The Angry Workers of the World collective are hosting a series of discussions involving US comrades at the May Day Rooms in London. If you’re in that area, and have any interest about what’s going on over in the … Continue reading

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Line of Sight: Rebel Roo film screening in Leeds, Thursday May 11th

This coming Thursday in Leeds, members of Leeds IWW and Leeds Plan C will be helping host a showing of the film “Line of Sight”, about the world of bike messengers, followed by a discussion about the so-called ‘gig economy’ … Continue reading

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UK prison news for early May

A few pieces of news relevant to the subject of UK prisons: Kent Anti-Racism Network report that one of their comrades has just been jailed for taking part in the resistance to last year’s nazi marches in Dover. They don’t … Continue reading

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Don’t mention the war! On the continuing blindspots in anarchist “critical discussion” of Rojava

As time goes by, the involvement of various sections of the international libertarian left with the social experiment in Rojava seems to be deepening. The recent announcement of a new anarchist guerrilla group in the area, the International Revolutionary People’s … Continue reading

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