Jobstown trial – charges dropped against one defendant

The trial of the Jobstown protestors continues in Ireland, but one defendant, Ken Purcell, has walked free already after the prosecution’s case against him totally collapsed. The verdict for the other six defendants is expected soon. Meanwhile, a number of other, less high-profile cases continue against other people involved in the Irish water movement – the Court Dates facebook group is a good place to stay informed about developments in these cases.


About nothingiseverlost

"The impulse to fight against work and management is immediately collective. As we fight against the conditions of our own lives, we see that other people are doing the same. To get anywhere we have to fight side by side. We begin to break down the divisions between us and prejudices, hierarchies, and nationalisms begin to be undermined. As we build trust and solidarity, we grow more daring and combative. More becomes possible. We get more organized, more confident, more disruptive and more powerful."
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