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Mid-July repression round-up

There’s an enormous amount of stuff going on. In particular, it seems like there’s a surge of stuff connected to prisons, repression and the legal system right now, so here’s a quick round-up of stuff focused on that: Here in … Continue reading

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Support Dane Powell, first anti-Trump protestor to be jailed

Dane Powell, one of the 200+ people arrested for allegedly taking part in the disruption of Trump’s inauguration, has pled guilty to two charges and been jailed for four months. You can donate to his commissary here, buy him books … Continue reading

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Rent strike wins £1.49 million at UCL!

Some great news from UCL – Cut the Rent: £££ UCL CUT THE RENT WINS MILLIONS £££ After 5 month long rent strike, UCL-CTR has won £1.49 MILLION from UCL Accommodation: ⚡️ £600k to go to a progressive accommodation bursary … Continue reading

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Early July round-up of workplace and repression news

Another quick round-up of ongoing workplace and legal/repression stuff: The Woolwich Ferry dispute, which has been running since last winter, has been resolved in what the unions are describing as a victory, with the two managers at the heart of … Continue reading

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What are words worth? Laura Pidcock, cheap talk and pay cuts

If you follow lefty internet commentary at all, there’s a reasonable chance you will’ve seen Laura Pidcock’s first speech in Parliament at some point over the last few days. If not, here it is: Credit where it’s due, it’s a … Continue reading

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