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Quick updates on Picturehouse, McDonald’s, the far right and the arms trade

A few updates on things that’ll be happening in early September: At Picturehouse Cinemas, more than 90% of staff at the Ritzy, Crouch End, Hackney, Central, East Dulwich and Dukes locations have voted to continue strike action. There’s meant to … Continue reading

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Dane Powell update: new address and upcoming birthday

A quick update on Dane Powell, the first person to be jailed for resistance to the Trump regime. He’s been moved to a new prison, and his birthday is coming up on Thursday 7th September. His new address is: Dane Powell … Continue reading

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Is Chris Hedges alright?

(image credit: Matt Lubchansky) I’m worried about Chris Hedges, and he’s worried about me. Hedges has just published a frothing attack on antifascists, where he seeks to equate us with the far right. Of course, he has to distort the … Continue reading

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Remember the Ferguson uprising, remember Alex and Steve

The Ferguson rebellion was an important transformative moment for the struggle against racism and police brutality in the US, and it should be remembered by all those of us who are in some way a part of or in soldarity … Continue reading

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Late August round-up of workplace and other news

A quick round-up of ongoing/upcoming workplace struggles and other events: In the logistics sector, warehouse workers at Argos are currently striking to try and win an agreement on redundancy and severance packages. The affected sites are in Basildon in Essex, … Continue reading

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McStrike coming up on September 4th, and other workplace news

Following the successful vote for action, it’s now been confirmed that McDonald’s staff at two stores, one in South-East London and one in Cambridge, will be walking out, over a mixture of local grievances and a general demand for better … Continue reading

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Being mean online: a few observations

I’ve not really had the time, energy or inspiration to write anything about Charlottesville – so often, when something big like that happens, I find I spend all my energy just trying to keep up with the situation and what’s … Continue reading

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