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Appeals for solidarity from Hungary and Brazil

Two recent fundraising appeals that seemed worth sharing: In Hungary, Ahmed H, a Syrian migrant, is being charged with terrorism offences for taking part in a protest against the closing of the Hungarian border in September 2015. The “Free the … Continue reading


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Good, thoughtful, non-reductionist writing on class and “identity”/intersectionality

Arguments about things that are described as identity politics, or intersectionality, seem to be more or less a constant on the contemporary left. These more-or-less constant debates are often characterised by unhelpful reductionism, messy use of terminology, arguments that assume … Continue reading

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Latest calls for support from US prison struggles

A quick update on a few different US prison rebels currently requesting outside support: Long-term political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim is still asking for regular twitterstorms in support of his appeal for clemency, with the next one being scheduled for Wednesday … Continue reading

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Being mean online: a postscript

As a follow-up to last month’s thoughts on the topic, here’s another example of the way that Angela Nagle’s work seems to be like catnip for absolute arseholes: The actual review itself, while it could do with a bit of … Continue reading

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Legal funds needed: St Louis and Atlanta

As usual, the cops are still killing people, and some people are continuing to fight back, which in turn leads to more arrests and court cases. In St Louis, Missouri, there’s been several days of fierce resistance after Jason Stockley, … Continue reading

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The party’s over: a reply on autonomism, organisation and bad history

The Internationalist Communist Tendency recently published a critique of autonomism, ranging across the fields of history (which I know a bit about), economic theory (which I’m pretty shaky on), and organisation (which is one of those areas where we’re all … Continue reading

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End Toxic Prisons Tour Dates & Details, 28 September – 6 October

From Community Action on Prison Expansion: Tour Details Thursday 28th September London 7pm, 125 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9RG Friday 29th September Cardiff With IWW Cymru Wales and No Prisons De Cymru Connect International English Academy, First Floor, 26-28 … Continue reading

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Court Solidarity for Stop the Arms Fair defendants, 18 September – 9 October

From Stop the Arms Fair: Monday 18 September 2017 – Monday 9 October 2017 09:30 – 10:30 Thames Magistrates’ Court 58 Bow Rd London E3 4DJ Stop the Arms Fair has had huge success this September, with hundreds of people … Continue reading

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Early September round-up of repression, workplace, housing and other news

A round-up of a few ongoing struggles and upcoming events: The Smash IPP campaign to free the prisoners condemned to endless sentences by a particularly cruel and ill-thought-out Blair government policy is keeping busy. They’re currently asking people to email … Continue reading

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No venue, no mates: attempted far-right event collapses into chaos in Sheffield

The saga of the young UKIP members who tried to ship in an EU racist to take a speaking slot that could’ve been filled by a hard-working British racist has taken a fair few twists and turns over the last … Continue reading

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