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In the spirit of Yanovsky and Feigenbaum: against the cranks, against the “community leadership”

I’ve spent a while this trying to work out what I think about the latest controversy over Labour and antisemitism, which saw two opposing crowds gather in Parliament Square earlier this week as those organisations that claim to represent Britain’s … Continue reading


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Recycling workers wildcat over safety in East London

The Notes From Below site has put up a detailed report from the Orion recycling plant in East London, where workers have gone out on a wildcat strike over unsafe conditions. Reading the whole thing is recommended, but here’s an … Continue reading

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Parkdale, Toronto: second successful rent strike in under a year!

Last year, tenants in the Toronto neighbourhood of Parkdale went on a rent strike and were able to win significant concessions from their landlords. A few months after the original rent strike, tenants at the 1251 King tower block were … Continue reading

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London cleaners’ disputes: victory at the Daily Mail, updates from the Royal Opera House

Two pieces of news from the ongoing wave of cleaners’ struggles in London: At the Daily Mail, cleaners organising through the UVW union have managed to secure a pay rise of around 25% and force management to back down on … Continue reading

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Support Herman Bell – Four Things to do Right Now!

A message from supporters of Herman Bell: Last week the New York State Board of Parole granted Herman Bell release. Since the Board’s decision, there has been significant backlash from the Police Benevolent Association, other unions, Mayor De Blasio and … Continue reading

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A night at the opera, and then some: mid-March round-up of workplace struggles

A quick overview of some recent and ongoing workplace disputes: Independent cleaners’ union CAIWU report that Keir and ISS, two of the UK’s largest facilities management companies, have launched a co-ordinated offensive against militant cleaners, with six workers at the … Continue reading

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Against the grayzone: the article Max Blumenthal doesn’t want you to read

The following article was originally published by the Southern Poverty Law Centre. Max Blumenthal, one of the figures discussed in it, apparently objected to the contents of the article, and rather than writing a reply pointing out where he thought … Continue reading

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UCU strike – quick updates

Two quick pieces of news from the current UCU dispute: The latest edition of the University Worker rank-and-file bulletin, with updates on the situation now the stitch-up deal’s been beaten, is out now, ready for the rest of this week’s … Continue reading

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Black Panther/Black Liberation prisoner Herman Bell to be freed after 45 years!

In a message from Herman Bell’s family posted today, it was confirmed that: “A respected elder, Herman Bell, was granted parole having met all the criteria for release according to his sentence. The parole commissioners recognized his progress after serving … Continue reading

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UCU strike: the stitch-up melts down

On Monday night, it seemed like the UCU strike over pensions could be about to end in a humiliating climbdown, as union leadership recommended acceptance of a crap deal that would have increased the financial burden on staff, required them … Continue reading

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