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Repression round-up for mid-July: antifa prisoners, water protectors and more

The July 25th day of solidarity with antifascist prisoners is fast approaching. There’s still time to put a few cards in the mail for it, and one particularly simple way you can send some solidarity to prisoners who don’t get … Continue reading

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Deliveroo and UberEats strikes in London, Southampton and Plymouth: New Rebel Roo out now!

A new issue of the Rebel Roo bulletin has been published in response to a new wave of strikes across the UK at Deliveroo and UberEats. In their words, “The Rebel Roo is a bulletin produced for and by Deliveroo … Continue reading

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Early July round-up of workplace news, and antifascist and prisoner resources

A quick round-up of workplace news: The Friday 13th strike of Deliveroo riders comes as part of a wider wave of international riders’ struggles, with other similar developments including a strike in Paris this week. The IWGB are also busy … Continue reading

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London Deliveroo riders to strike against pay cut, Friday 13th July

Deliveroo couriers organised through the IWGB union are set to strike against a rate cut tomorrow morning. They say: “After a pay cut was forced on London riders, they’ve decided to strike. Join them on the picket line at Deliveroo’s … Continue reading


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No more deaths from border violence: Home Office protest, Monday 9th July, 17:30 onwards

In response to the death of a 23-year-old Sudanese man during an immigration raid in Newport, a short-notice protest has been called outside the Home Office for the afternoon of Monday 9th July. Organisers write: “On Saturday 30 June, immigration … Continue reading

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From Lewes to Texas: further repression updates

A few further updates on the repression/legal front: Here in the UK, five people are currently on trial facing charges related to their alleged participation in an uprising at HMP Lewes. The Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee are asking supporters to … Continue reading

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Repression and resistance round-up for early July: Cardiff, Bulgaria and beyond…

A quick round-up of repression-related news: In Cardiff, three defendants facing charges related to an attempted disruption of an arms fair have just been acquitted. In Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association have put out an urgent call for solidarity actions, … Continue reading

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