Wherever we stand, we stand against fascism: March 16 call to action from the Outlive Them Jewish antifascist network

Outlive Them, the Jewish antifascist network, have put out a new international call to action for March 16th.

As with their previous call, I want to add a quick note on the UK context:

Here in the UK, Jewish antifascists are still trapped in the middle of a bruising fight between the cynicism of Jewish establishment/centrist figures trying to use the spectre of antisemitism as a way to delegitimise anyone to the left of Frank Field, and leftists responding to this by denying or defending obvious instances of antisemitism on the other. Much has happened over the last year that won’t be forgotten or forgiven easily, from the smearing of Jewish socialists and anti-racists as “a source of virulent antisemitism”, the clowns who tried to claim that attending a “seber” was proof of antisemitism, trying to set themselves up as experts on the subject while not even bothering to learn the words they’re using, to the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue attack, where the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” used a mass murder committed by a nazi who specifically targeted a synagogue for its work with refugees as a chance to have a go at Muslims and the left, while a Labour Party branch in Stockton voted down a motion condemning the attack, to self-proclaimed radicals and feminists adopting conspiracy theories blaming rich Jews for the existence of trans peopleconspiracy theories that quickly cropped up in the comments section of anarcho-syndicalist facebook pages. All of this while UKIP, as part of its transformation into an openly far-right street movement, welcomed Mark “gas the Jews” Meechan into the party, a development that the professional crusaders against anti-semitism don’t seem to have that much of a problem with.

In such a grim context, just insisting on the possibility of a Jewish antifascism – one that takes its place as part of the international class struggle, not as a PR operation for Netanyahu’s ethnostate – feels like a radical act. You might want to get in touch with Jewdas to see if they’re planning anything, or plan something on your own – I still think that anything targeting UKIP would be a legitimate action at the moment, and given his track record Chris Williamson, who’s never apologised for his endorsement of Vanessa Beeley, is well overdue a reckoning.

Also as a further note, March 16/antiracism day, the date Outlive Them have chosen, is mostly associated over here with Stand Up To Racism, the widely discredited SWP front, but it should be possible to organise something independently. Maybe even holding a clearly distinguished bloc on the official anti-racism day events might be worthwhile, if people want.

Anyway, here’s the main call:

An International Call to Action from the #OutliveThem Network

#JewishSpring has come early this year.

Jewish and allied anti-fascists have been busy: shutting down racist rallies in places like Auschwitz and Stone Mountain, confronting fascistic regimes from Washington to Tel Aviv, Brasilia to Budapest, and building broad-based coalitions with people of all backgrounds at the frontlines of the fight against fascism.

It’s time to come out, wherever we are, and get organized.

Call to Join Global Day Against Racism and Fascism

Our aim: To organize in all the places our peoples live, work, play, pray, and fight.

To this end, we are calling on Jewish antifascists and allies to join in the International Day of Action against Racism and Fascism on and around March 16, 2019.

For instance, you might organize a Jewish antifascist formation within a larger demonstration. Or you might hold your own rally, speak-out, public assembly, Shabbat dinner, or other solidarity gathering

International Call for Writers, Artists, and Translators

Our aim: To reach our peoples in all the places they live, in all the languages they speak.

To this end, we invite comrades around the world, Jewish or non-Jewish, to share their skills, whether as writers, artists, or translators, with the international network.

For instance, you might be able to translate this call to action into your language(s). Or you might want to write your own. You might be an artist, photographer, or designer with a graphic to contribute. Or you might want to collaborate with comrades on an antifascist Haggadah.

Call for Contributions to This Site and This Struggle

Our aim: To connect our peoples across borders, and to build our collective capacity for self-defense, self-organization, and self-determination.

To this end, we are putting out a call for contributions, big or small, to our site and our struggle.

For instance, you might send out your own call to action to be circulated by #OutliveThem internationally. You might ask for mutual aid, ranging from digital media to material resources. Or you might teach your comrades, and learn from each other, how to fight fascism and win

For a future without fascism: For your freedom and ours!

#OutliveThem #JewishSpring #16M #OLT
#NoBorders #NoHumanIsIllegal #NoRacismNoFascism
#BlackLivesMatter #YehudaBiadga #RefugeesWelcome

wewilloutlivethem@protonmail.com | @outlivethem | outlivethem.wordpress.com


Un llamado internacional a la acción de parte de la red #OutliveThem

La #PrimaveraJudía (#JewishSpring) ha llegado temprano este año.

Judíxs y aliadxs anti-fascistas han estado ocupadxs: deteniendo manifestaciones racistas en lugares como Auschwitz y Stone Mountain, confrontando régimenes fascistoides desde Washington hasta Tel Aviv, desde Brasilia hasta Budapest, y construyendo coaliciones de base amplia con gente de todos los trasfondos en la delantera de la lucha contra el fascismo. Es tiempo de salir, dondequiera que estemos, y que nos organicemos.

Llamado a unirse al Día Global Contra el Racismo y el Fascismo.

Nuestro fin: Organizarnos en todos los lugares en que nuestra gente vive, trabaja, juega, reza, y lucha.

Con este fin, llamamos a judíxs antifascistas y aliadxs a unirse en el Día Internacional de Acción Contra el Racismo y el Fascismo en y alrrededor del 16, de marzo de 2019.

Por ejemplo, tú podrías organizar una formación judía antifascista dentro de una manifestación más grande. O podrías llevar a cabo tu propia manifestación, conversatorio, asamblea pública, cena Shabat, u otro tipo de reunión en solidaridad.

Llamado Internacional a Escritorxs, Artistas, y Traductorxs.

Nuestro fin: Llegar a nuestra gente, en todos los lenguajes en que hablen.

Con este fin, invitamos a camaradas alrededor del mundo, judíxs o no-judíxs, a compartir sus destrezas, como escritorxs, artistas, or traductorxs, con ayuda de nuestra red internacional.

Por ejemplo, podrías traducir este llamado a la acción, a los lenguajes en que hables. O podrías escribir uno tú mismx. Podrías ser unx artista, fotógrafx, o diseñadorx con alguna gráfica que contribuir. O podrías colaborar con camaradas en un Hagadá antifascista.

Convocatoria para aportaciones a esta página y a esta lucha.

Nuestro fin: Conectar a nuestras gentes atravezando fronteras, y construir nuestra capacidad colectiva para la defensa propia, auto-organización, y auto-determinación.

Con este fin, convocamos a que aporten, de manera grande o pequeña, a esta página y a esta lucha. Por ejemplo, podrías enviar tu propio llamado a la acción para que sea circulado por la red #OutliveThem internacionalmente. Podrías pedir por apoyo mutuo, desde medios digitales, hasta recursos materiales. O podrías enseñarles a tus camaradas, y que aprendan unxs de otrxs, a cómo combatir y ganarle al fascimo.

Por un futuro sin fascismo: ¡Por tu libertad y la nuestra!

#OutliveThem #JewishSpring #16M #OLT
#NoBorders #NoHumanIsIllegal #NoRacismNoFascism
#BlackLivesMatter #YehudaBiadga #RefugeesWelcome

wewilloutlivethem@protonmail.com | @outlivethem | outlivethem.wordpress.com

About nothingiseverlost

"The impulse to fight against work and management is immediately collective. As we fight against the conditions of our own lives, we see that other people are doing the same. To get anywhere we have to fight side by side. We begin to break down the divisions between us and prejudices, hierarchies, and nationalisms begin to be undermined. As we build trust and solidarity, we grow more daring and combative. More becomes possible. We get more organized, more confident, more disruptive and more powerful."
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