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Protect Kevan Thakrar from racist violence

From the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee: This evening [December 23rd] prisoner Kevan Thakrar called to inform IWOC that a known racist attempted to take his life this afternoon. Kevin McCarthy stabbed Kevan more than four times while Kevan was at … Continue reading


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Statement in support of the protests in Iran

In the past week or so, two statements about Iran have been circulated – one essentially supporting the Iranian regime by framing the whole issue as being about “US imperialism”, and another initiated by Iranian socialists and revolutionaries living in … Continue reading

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Strike action at schools, hospitals, colleges, railways and more: workplace/class struggle round-up for early December

A quick listing of upcoming events and ongoing issues: In prison/repression news, I’d like to remind people of the call to support Kevan Thackrar, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and is currently being held without any access to mental … Continue reading

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GMB union and Asda accused of collaborating to sack shop steward: #ReinstateMicky update

Michael Hunnam has shared the following description of his case, originally written by a friend of his on facebook. I don’t know any of these people personally, but am republishing it here because it seems like a case that deserves … Continue reading

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Cyber Monday protests at Amazon, action alert for Kevan Thackrar, and more class struggle news and events for early December

Another quick roundup of news and events: In workplace news, the CWU’s appeal has been defeated and the courts have upheld the ruling blocking them from taking strike action on the back of their massive strike vote. It’s worth stressing … Continue reading

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