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UVW union launches solidarity letter in defiance of continued threats from bosses and cops

A short announcement from the United Voices of the World union: ATTN: Unions / CLPs / Community Organizations / Individuals: St. George’s University still refuses to negotiate with our striking workers. They have, yet again, threatened to call the police … Continue reading


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Mid-Jan class struggle news round-up and events listing

Your semi-regular round-up of recent, often but not all workplace-related, news and upcoming events: Organising by workers in the UVW and IWGB base/grassroots unions has seen a big victory at the University of Greenwich, with some low-paid workers getting a … Continue reading

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London Bookfair 2020 calls for artist contributions

From Freedom News: Since the announcement of the return of an anarchist bookfair to London, the Bookfair2020 collective has been busy preparing for the event to be held in October 2020. So far, the organising collective has formed, and the … Continue reading

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Bombs over Diyala, drones over Hajin: a response to Joshua Clover on Iran

Joshua Clover is undoubtedly a clever and insightful person, and his recent article on the need for an effective anti-war movement, “The Great March”, makes some very good points. But there’s also some things about it that point in a … Continue reading

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Kosher Jews, treif Jews: through the looking glass with the Board of Deputies

“They organize us against each other, but we can organize ourselves against them. The whole point of talking about class and “the proles” is to insist on the very basic way in which people from different “communities” have essentially similar … Continue reading

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Repression against workers’ organising in London: police break up UVW picket, IWGB member prosecuted for sound waves

London’s militant grassroots/base union movement experienced two different kinds of state harassment today: police attended a picket of striking security guards organised through the UVW, ordered them to move, and then arrested a legal representative for talking back, while James … Continue reading

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New short promo video: Who are the Angry Workers?

In co-operation with, West London’s excellent Angry Workers collective have made a new short video advertising their upcoming book, tour, and general outlook. Unfortunately I can’t for the life of me get the bloody thing to embed here, but … Continue reading

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January events listings

For the first events listing of the new decade, Freedom have produced a helpful city-by-city guide, which I reproduce below with a few minor additions: For groups wanting to get the word out who have been missed here, a good … Continue reading

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The end of the affair: some reflections on 2019

The party’s over I always try to do a little end-of-year round-up thing, and had been toying with the idea of an end-of-decade one, but (as the lateness of this probably shows) I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed to even … Continue reading

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Anti-war statement from Middle Eastern and North African socialists: Oppose U.S. and Iran War by Showing Solidarity with Uprisings in the MENA Region

A statement from the Alliance of Middle Eastern and North African Socialists: The most worrisome aspect of these developments is that they might lead to catastrophic consequences and full-scale war.  That would in turn overshadow the wave of uprisings that … Continue reading

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