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Builder’s Crack film premiere, Thursday 30th July, and more workplace and repression news and events

A few events listings: On Tuesday 28th, minicab drivers organised through the drivers’ branch of the IWGB are holding a car demo in London demanding that the congestion charge exemption for cab drivers be restored. On Thursday 30th, a long-lost … Continue reading

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Stop the retaliatory abuse against Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson now!

An appeal in support of US prison organiser Kevin “Rashid” Johnson: Dear Comrades, Friends and Supporters, I am writing this to inform you of recent events that have transpired involving Kevin “Rashid” Johnson. As many of you already know, Rashid … Continue reading


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Tolpuddle Martyrs online festival, Tower Hamlets strike continues, and more

Recent news: the Manchester airport construction dispute continues, as rank-and-file construction workers recently occupied the Granada TV studios at Media City to draw attention to the ongoing issue of unpaid wages. The Let’s Get Rooted project continue to come out … Continue reading

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No Safety, No Work zoom meeting, July 14, and other notes

The Anarchist Communist Group are launching a new “No Safety, No Work” campaign, with a Zoom meeting planned for Tuesday July 14: “Many workers are being asked to work in unsafe environments. Many more will be asked to do so … Continue reading

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Updates on BLM/George Floyd Uprising defendants, and Tower Hamlets council strike

Uprising defendant news: Urooj Rahman and Colinford Mattis have been granted release on bail. Pre-trial defendants who are still incarcerated include: Samantha Shader, #83823-053, MDC Brooklyn, Metropolitan Detention Center, P.O. Box 329002, Brooklyn, NY, 11232 Margaret Channon, #49955-086, FDC SeaTac, … Continue reading

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