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Not guilty! – Court finds in favour of direct action against the arms trade

A cheering piece of news comes from Burnley Magistrate’s Court, where two people have just been acquitted of criminal damage charges arising from their attempts to destroy BAe fighter jets that were due to be sold to Saudi Arabia. Sam … Continue reading

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Appeals for solidarity from Hungary and Brazil

Two recent fundraising appeals that seemed worth sharing: In Hungary, Ahmed H, a Syrian migrant, is being charged with terrorism offences for taking part in a protest against the closing of the Hungarian border in September 2015. The “Free the … Continue reading

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Manchester antifascists statement on the attack

From Manchester Antifascists: “SMASH ISIS – SUPPORT YPG As anti fascists we do not hesitate to condemn last nights attack which was undoubtedly ordered or inspired by the Salafi Fascists of ISIS, Al Qaeda or similar. The people of Manchester … Continue reading

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Socialism in three cantons? A view from Washington

In the ongoing discussions of the social experiment taking place in Rojava, the economic aspect often tends to get neglected. You can read a lot about the military aspect, the war against ISIS, co-operation with US forces and so on, … Continue reading

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America First? Transatlantic discussions in London

  The Angry Workers of the World collective are hosting a series of discussions involving US comrades at the May Day Rooms in London. If you’re in that area, and have any interest about what’s going on over in the … Continue reading

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Don’t mention the war! On the continuing blindspots in anarchist “critical discussion” of Rojava

As time goes by, the involvement of various sections of the international libertarian left with the social experiment in Rojava seems to be deepening. The recent announcement of a new anarchist guerrilla group in the area, the International Revolutionary People’s … Continue reading

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Anti-war statement from Syrian and Iranian socialists

Without knowing a great deal about the backgrounds of the people involved, this statement from Syrian and Iranian socialists on the latest developments in the Syrian war seems like a good, strong statement on the basic principles we should be … Continue reading

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