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Being mean online: a few observations

I’ve not really had the time, energy or inspiration to write anything about Charlottesville – so often, when something big like that happens, I find I spend all my energy just trying to keep up with the situation and what’s … Continue reading

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12 months that mostly didn’t really shake the world that much: 2014 in review

So, another year has come and gone. To be honest, it’s not really been a great one, overall: on an international level, the wave of revolt that rolled around the world in 2010-12 feels like it’s still rolling back, with … Continue reading

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Jobmatch: the latest news, and a few thoughts on where next.

Today, Iain Duncan Smith confirmed that Jobmatch is going to become compulsory in the New Year. Channel 4 News, the Independent and the Telegraph all have good critical articles on the story – the Telegraph’s coverage is particularly notable, as … Continue reading


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Jobmatch, Blacklisting, Grand Jury Resistance: Mid-December round-up

A few quick updates on ongoing situations that I’ve been covering: on the Jobmatch front, there’s not much news at the moment, but a commenter on this blog claims that they’ve been told Jobseekers’ Agreements will be changed in January, … Continue reading

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Workfare and Jobmatch – the omnishambles continues

The government’s welfare reform plans are looking increasingly shaky. On the workfare front, Scope are pulling out of Mandatory Work Activity, making them the fourth charity to pull out of the workfare scheme in the last five weeks, after the … Continue reading

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Towards effective resistance: Newcastle, Birmingham, Jobmatch

It’s been a grim year, overall. There’s been a few positive developments, but only a few: for the most part, attacks on our lives have come thick and fast, and opposition has mainly stayed at the level of polite complaining, … Continue reading

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Disabled activist’s house raided over anti-government facebook comments.

I don’t have anything massively interesting or original to say at the moment, but I thought this story was worth passing on: A female disability activist had her home raided yesterday [October 26th] by South Wales Police who attempted to … Continue reading

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Outside and ignored by the unions: a few links for the 89%

I’d just like to share a few very different things I’ve found recently. Some of them are very serious, others less so, but in different ways I think they all say something about the situation of those of us who … Continue reading

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On Azhar Ahmed, free speech, state censorship and anti-racism

19-year-old Azhar Ahmed has been arrested and charged with a racially aggravated public order offence for allegedly having an offensive facebook status about British troops in Afghanistan. Now, looking at what he’s supposed to have said, I can certainly understand … Continue reading

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No leaders, no names, no egos: Thoughts on LulzSec and anonymity.

In order to say what I want to say about lulzsec and hacking in general, it’s first worth taking a moment to go over the the problems with roles. This might bore some of you who’re already familiar with this … Continue reading

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