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Voting, abstaining, and opposing the tories: a quick reminder

As things stand, I really can’t blame anyone for wanting to take a punt on Corbynism in the upcoming election. It’s not what I believe in; I can’t see how social democracy in one country could be workable, and I … Continue reading

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Welcome to the lion’s den: Labour councils and the Durham teaching assistants

A lot of discussion about the Labour Party at the moment seems to focus on fairly abstract terrain: what the leadership are saying, what the rest of the Parliamentary party are saying, whether Corbyn could win a general election in … Continue reading

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Taking Back Control

Under the title of “Take Back Control”, events will be taking place across the country (specifically Barnsley, Bradford, Croydon, Hastings, Norfolk, Plymouth and Sunderland) over the next few months, aiming to “bring together leave and remain voters, make sense of … Continue reading

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Little acorns, mighty oaks, and barren wastelands: a reply to the AWL on unions and strategy

Dan Randall’s now published a reply to my comments on his critique of the social strike. The discussion strays quite far from the original topic, but is still worth a read for anyone interested in conversations about strategy across different … Continue reading

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Two suggestions for those joining the Labour Party

I’ve not had time to write much of late, but I just wanted to highlight this article that’s appeared in the Occupied Times, and particularly the practical suggestions it makes: I don’t want to do a whole “this is what … Continue reading

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A year in the shadow of bullets and ballots: looking back at 2015

Saying you prefer bullets to ballots is often used as a shorthand for wanting revolutionary change rather than working within the system. But in fact, the politics of armed struggle and electoralism can have a surprising amount in common – … Continue reading

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Momentum, mo problems?

It’s hard to know what to make of the announcement that the Corbyn campaign machine is to become Momentum, largely because there’s so little precedent for something like this, especially in the UK context. From an anarchist perspective, it’s noticeable … Continue reading

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