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Call for international solidarity with the inmates of Sofia prison, Bulgaria

A call from the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association: Immediate call for international solidarity! In a similar statement circulated amongst prisoners in Sofia Prison, we outline the problems we have faced in the last year with the appointment of the Director Peter … Continue reading

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J20 trial: first six defendants acquitted on all charges!

The official statement from the defence campaign: Washington, DC – After two days of deliberation, a DC jury today found all six Inauguration Day defendants not guilty on all eight counts—-misdemeanor rioting and conspiracy to riot, and five counts of … Continue reading

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Anti-repression demo in Hamburg, 17 March 2018

A call from the Hamburg G20 defence campaign, which doesn’t seem to have been translated into English anywhere else yet: United we stood! Together against repression and authoritarian formation! In the summer of 2017, we met internationally in Hamburg and … Continue reading

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G20 trial updates: Fabio is free (for now), Peike remains imprisoned

A quick update on the latest news from Hamburg: after the prosecution’s delaying attempts finally ran out, Fabio was granted bail today, and so will be out of prison until at least the end of his trial, and hopefully for … Continue reading

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Hamburg G20 case: Fabio Vettorel to be released on bail

In the latest developments from the case of Fabio Vettorel, who’s been held in pre-trial detention since July on charges related to the Hamburg G20 protests, the prosecution’s attempts to stop him getting bail have now been exhausted, so he … Continue reading

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Repression updates: Fabio from the Hamburg G20, Vaughn uprising prisoners and more

A few more pieces of prison-related news: In Germany, the case of Fabio, who’s been detained since the Hamburg G20 this summer, drags on. There’s really not a lot of English-language news about his case, it’s almost all Italian or … Continue reading

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Update on imprisoned/extradited Polish anti-fascist Patryk Cichoń

From Brighton ABC: “After first month in Polish jails that was heavy and depressing, Patryk feels much better. He had been moved to a 3-man cell and his cell mates are ok, plus he is soon going to start work … Continue reading

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