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Free showing of working-class films, November 22nd

This year, the Canadian Labour International Film Festival is moving online. As part of that, there’ll be a free showing of the 2020 award winners on November 22nd, starting at 6:30pm UK time. Films included are: When Asians Audition 1 … Continue reading

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COVID-19 UK Mutual Aid groups: a list

A full, regularly updated list can be found here – currently at over 190 groups and likely to keep growing. Republished from Freedom:   As the global COVID-19 pandemic is upon us, a number of mutual aid groups have started … Continue reading

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In the spirit of Yanovsky and Feigenbaum: against the cranks, against the “community leadership”

I’ve spent a while this trying to work out what I think about the latest controversy over Labour and antisemitism, which saw two opposing crowds gather in Parliament Square earlier this week as those organisations that claim to represent Britain’s … Continue reading

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Support independent revolutionary media: keep the Bay View in print!

The San Francisco Bay View is a newspaper that’s played a uniquely important role in the recent waves of prison struggle in the US, helping to provide a platform where prison rebels can share their perspectives with both the outside … Continue reading

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Memorial fund to support Mark Fisher’s family

Friends and comrades of the late Mark Fisher have set up a collection for his bereaved wife and child. They explain they “have set up this collection to raise money for them, in the hope that it will allow them … Continue reading

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Birmingham prison solidarity demonstration, 17:30, Sunday 18th December

From here: “You may have seen the riots taking place at HMP Birmingham on 16 December, this demonstation acts in solidarity with those incarecerated at HMP Birmingham who are fighting on the inside, and against G4S, HMP and the Prison … Continue reading

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Hope among the wreckage

Things are bad right now. Some of it’s just the stuff that’s always bad this time of year: it may be an unusually mild November, but the days are still getting shorter and the nights are still getting longer, and … Continue reading

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A few words about words

Got quite a few things I want to think through at the moment, but to start off, here’s some advice for everyone who has interesting ideas that could potentially be useful, but insists on phrasing them in incomprehensible academic jargon: … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Millbank rioters! (Or: Why even when I’m wrong it proves I’m right)

First of all, it needs to be said just how brilliant yesterday was. Sights like this: make my little red and black heart swell with pride. A quick round-up of some of the best reports I’ve been able to find: … Continue reading

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Quick link

I’d not seen Diary of a Domestic Extremist until fairly recently, but it does have some really sound arguments.

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