Prisoner Support

Keeping in touch with prisoners is a valuable way to break down the isolation they face. Any movement that seems to pose a serious threat to power will come up against heavy repression sooner or later, and usually sooner, so getting into the habit of supporting prisoners now is a good way to help make sure that we’re ready for more dramatic social upheavals in the future.

If you’ve never written to a prisoner before, have a look at this guide from Brighton Anarchist Black Cross for a few useful tips. The list of prisoners that follows is in no way definitive, it’s just a few cases that have caught my eye for one reason or another.

Bristol Kill the Bill prisoners:

Kane Adamson A1103ER
Stuart Quinn A1105ER
Ryan Roberts A5155EM
HMP Bristol
19 Cambridge Road

Yasmin “Loki” Schneider A1101ER
HMP Eastwood Park
GL12 8DB

Kevan Thackrar (wrongly convicted of murder and attempted murder in 2008 for a crime where he wasn’t even present):

HMP Full Sutton
Moor Lane
YO41 1PS

The Craigavon 2 (Irish republicans framed for the murder of a cop):

John Paul Wootton or Brendan McConville
HM Prison Maghaberry
17 Old Road
BT28 2PT

Samantha Faulder (homeless anarchist woman wrongfully convicted of murder despite another person confessing):
HMP Foston Hall
DE65 5DN
or email and they can print your message off and pass it along if needed.

Siyanda Mngaza (given four and a half years in prison for defending herself from a racist attack):

Siyanda Mngaza
Eastwood Park
GL12 8DB

Black Lives Matter/George Floyd uprising defendants (these people are pre-trial so please do not discuss their alleged actions or say anything that could be used against them):

Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal #70002-066
FDC Philadelphia,
PO Box 562,
Philadelphia, PA 19105

David Elmakayes #77782-066
FDC Philadelphia,
PO Box 562,
Philadelphia, PA 19105

Shawn Collins #69989-066
FDC Philadelphia,
PO Box 562,
Philadelphia, PA 19105

Steven Pennycooke #69988-066
FDC Philadelphia,
PO Box 562,
Philadelphia, PA 19105

Montez Lee
Washington County Jail
15015 62nd St. N
P.O. Box 3801

Loren Reed
P.O. BOX 6300
Florence, AZ 85132

John Wade
PO Box 730
Lovejoy, GA 30250

Gage Halupowski (antifascist prisoner serving a six-year sentence for defending Portland against a far-right rally):

Gage Halupowski #21894460
Snake River Correctional Institution
777 Stanton Blvd.
Ontario, Oregon 97914-83305

Josh Williams (given an eight-year sentence for involvement in the Ferguson uprising):

Josh Williams #1292002
Potosi Correctional Center
11593 State Highway O
Mineral Point, MO 63660

Ceebo/Damonte Shipp (became politically active after police murdered his cousin Ezell Ford, subsequently convicted for burglary on very shaky grounds and given an extremely long sentence):
Damonte Shipp
California Institution for Men
14901 Central Avenue
Chino, CA 91710

Genoa 2001 prisoners (given long jail sentences in 2012 for participation in the 2001 anti-G8 protests in Genoa):

Francesco (“Gimmy”) Puglisi – Casa Circondariale di Roma Rebibbia – G9 – cella 12 – piano 2 – sezione A – Nuovo Complesso in Via Raffaele Majetti, 70 – 00156 Roma 

Jeremy Hammond (imprisoned for releasing documents exposing police racism and corporate and state spying):
Jeremy Hammond #18729-424
FCI Memphis
P.O. Box 34550
Memphis, TN 38184


Michael “Rattler” Markus (serving a 36-month sentence on charges related to the Standing Rock/Dakota Access Pipeline protests):
Michael “Rattler” Markus
FCI Sandstone
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 1000
Sandstone, MN 55072

Xinachtli (longtime Chicano organiser, given 50 years in prison for defending himself by disarming a cop who drew a gun on him):
Alvaro Luna Hernandez  #255735
James V Allred Unit
2101 FM 369 North
Iowa Park TX 76367

Joseph Dibee (held awaiting trial on charges of allegedly participating in environmental direct actions in the early 1990s):
Joseph Dibee #812133
11540 NE Inverness Dr
Portland, OR 97220

Joseph Dougherty (Elderly US trade unionist, jailed as a scapegoat for the militant tactics associated with his union branch):
Joseph Dougherty 71243-066
FCI Allenwood Low
PO Box 1000
White Deer, PA

Roy Brown #01310047 (convicted of looting charges during the Ferguson revolt, along with other unrelated robberies, serving 60 years)
Potosi Correctional Center
11593 State Highway O
Mineral Point, MO 63660

Jacob Montgomery #1287870 (sentenced to 13 years after being convicted of looting during the Ferguson revolt, along with other unrelated robberies)
Maryville Treatment Center,
30227 Us Highway 136,
Maryville, MO 64468

Jermaine Parker #1185800 (sentenced to 14 years for shooting a firearm out of a car in protest during the night of the November 24th in south St. Louis)
18701 Old Highway 66
Pacific, MO

Dakota Moss #11400-025 (sentenced to 14 years for stealing guns for people to use during the non-indictment riots in November 2014)
USP Terre Haute
4700 Bureau Road South
Terre Haute, IN 47802

International antifascist prisoner listing

Vaughn uprising prison rebels – see here for more info

Nebraska prison rebels – see here for info

Michigan prison rebels – see here for info

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