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Give up making yourself look like an idiot – A critic replies to Chris Knight

As a general rule, I try to keep an open-minded and non-sectarian approach, in order to avoid getting sucked into one of the many poisonous feuds that plague the anarchist movement. (In fact, one of the reasons why I write … Continue reading

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Couple of links

So, not got much to say right now, but I thought I’d link to a few pieces I’d found interesting lately. Apart from anything else, it’ll help stop this blog from just turning into a collection of rants about stupid … Continue reading

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From Cornwall to Korea

News round-up: an appeal’s being circulated by the American Communist Loren Goldner for solidarity with eight Korean revolutionaries who’re facing prison time: “I don’t believe too much in the efficacy of the kind of write-in protest advocated below, but an … Continue reading

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