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LSE cleaners’ strike continues, and other upcoming events…

In workplace news, the United Voices of the World union have a lot going on this week: the 5th day of the LSE cleaners strike is on Wednesday 24th, there’s the Feminist Fightback filmshowing about their struggles on Friday 26th, … Continue reading

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America First? Transatlantic discussions in London

  The Angry Workers of the World collective are hosting a series of discussions involving US comrades at the May Day Rooms in London. If you’re in that area, and have any interest about what’s going on over in the … Continue reading

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Events diary for March

March looks to be a pretty busy month, with various events happening across the country. A quick round-up of a few things to look out for: On the first Saturday, the 4th, Bristol antifascists will be out opposing a far-right … Continue reading

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Transatlantic conversations: 4th March

The Angry Workers of the World collective are proposing a series of discussions with US comrades. In their words, “We think it would be useful and interesting to speak directly with comrades in the States about recent developments in order … Continue reading

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Social strike strategising and microwave moussaka militancy

Two quick plugs: first off, registrations are now open for the Transnational Social Strike Assembly that’ll be happening in London in February. The organisers say: “Following on from meetings in Poznan, Poland and Paris, France, we will be in London … Continue reading

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Breathing space, friendliness and solidarity at work

The Angry Workers of the World collective recently published an article on everyday workplace solidarity, which has some good tips for what people who’re feeling isolated in places with no existing organisation can do: It is a strange world. We … Continue reading

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Notes on the material basis of racism, nationality and solidarity

The Angry Workers of the World collective (AWW) recently set out some thoughts on the legacy of the 1970s US-based group, Sojourner Truth Organisation (STO). I’d recommend reading their piece even if you don’t know the STO from a hole … Continue reading

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