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No such thing as a free ride? Pensioners and disabled people take direct action against transport cuts

The cuts continue up and down across the country, chipping away at useful services in an endless series of local attacks. We’re still a long way away from seeing any kind of large-scale, generalised anti-austerity movement, but specific cuts are … Continue reading

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Write to your MP today: Thoughts on anarchists and mass movements

So, in contrast to a lot of my posts, this one definitely doesn’t claim to have any answers, it’s just raising some questions that I think need to be thought about. To give a bit of personal context, from the … Continue reading

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The English Defence League – Blair’s children?

To start off with, a quick disclaimer: in case anyone’s worrying, this isn’t going to be a crass piece of meaningless lefty name-calling along the lines of “Blair said nasty things about muslims, therefore he’s the same as the EDL, … Continue reading

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An example worth following

I certainly can’t claim any direct causal link, but it’s certainly nice to see that people in Lewisham seem to agree with my thinking on the idea of occupying libraries. (Lewisham anti-cuts campaigners are clearly not short of good ideas, … Continue reading

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Egypt, England, solidarity and selfishness

Obviously,  the ongoing Egyptian revolt’s pretty much the biggest story happening at the moment, but I really don’t have enough background knowledge of the situation to offer any kind of informed, original analysis of it, so if I tried to … Continue reading

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I’m sure there’s a lot more to say about today’s demonstrations, but right now I just want to celebrate this. I try to avoid peppering my posts with wanky quotes from “great thinkers” too much, but just this once I’ll … Continue reading

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