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Antifa (2018): New documentary available to watch online

Not to be confused with last year’s similarly-titled The Antifascists, Antifa is a half-hour film, mainly focused on recent antifascist struggles in the US, but with a brief look at the UK and Germany for some historical context. As a … Continue reading

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The Antifascists (2017) available to watch online

The Antifascists, a 2017 documentary produced by people involved in the Swedish and Greek antifascist movements, is now available to watch online: As always, these kinds of films are most interesting if used as a prompt for discussion, so you … Continue reading

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Is Chris Hedges alright?

(image credit: Matt Lubchansky) I’m worried about Chris Hedges, and he’s worried about me. Hedges has just published a frothing attack on antifascists, where he seeks to equate us with the far right. Of course, he has to distort the … Continue reading

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An illustrated guide to Blood & Honour

Via 325, here’s a huge document of names and faces of people involved in the neo-nazi Blood & Honour music network: b_h_uk_list_v1 Pages 6-19 are in more-or-less geographical order, for any budding antifascist researchers who might be curious about what … Continue reading

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Rotherham 12 trial: Self-defence is no offence – all defendants cleared!

The Rotherham 12 trial ended today in a huge victory for the ten defendants who choose to plead not guilty, as the jury accepted the legitimacy of self-defence against racist attacks and acquitted them all. You can read the official … Continue reading

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Taking part in the international day of solidarity with antifascist prisoners

July 25th has been designated an international day of solidarity with antifascist prisoners. If you’d like to join in, the simplest ways to show solidarity from the UK would probably be to write to Yusef, who was jailed for resisting … Continue reading

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21 days later: some thoughts on the situation after Woolwich

So, it’s been a few weeks since the murder of Lee Rigby stirred up a huge revival in far-right activity, and it seems like enough time’s passed to be able to try and make some initial judgements on what the … Continue reading

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Emergency! Woolwich and the politics of urgency

Perhaps this is a terrible thing to admit, but when I first heard about what had happened in Woolwich – and, more to the point, when I began to realise the effect it would have on the wider political climate … Continue reading

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Quick update on anti-fascism and state repression in the US and elsewhere.

Last Monday, white supremacist groups tried to hold a nationwide day of action in the US. I don’t know much about how it went down overall, but it’s definitely the case that the protests led to anti-fascists being arrested in … Continue reading

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