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Repression round-up for late September: entrapment in Northern Ireland, solidarity with the Belarus uprising, and more

A quick round-up of repression-related news across a few different countries: In the UK, MI5 has been involved with a major police operation against dissident Irish Republicans, which seems to involve straightforward entrapment against at least some defendants. According to … Continue reading

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“Operation Fenix” trial of Czech anarchists ends with all defendants acquitted

Over the last few years, anarchists in the Czech Republic have found themselves targeted by a crackdown called “Operation Fenix”, which, in classic state fashion, claims its justification as a result of plots which were started by undercover police officers. … Continue reading

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Support Steven Bennett and Linus Soinjoki

It’s a measure of how shockingly under-reported the Irish water charges revolt is that I’ve only just learned of the imprisonment of Steven Bennett, who’s been held in prison since May for protesting against the installation of water meters. In … Continue reading

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Things coming up, things that’ve happened: Mid-June round-up

If you’re reading this blog, you’ll probably be aware of the big upcoming protest in Central London on 20th of June. It’s probably worth going to that, and it’d definitely be worth getting together with some friends to discuss what … Continue reading

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