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ATOS kills – the words that sank a website.

As reported on the Void recently, ATOS have been trying to censor websites carrying content that criticised them. Here’s the article that they don’t want you to read: Atos Macht Frei – Atos Origin Team Up With Gas Chamber Firm! Atos … Continue reading

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Hate-filled thugs in violent rampage

Once again, I don’t really have anything particularly new or interesting to say, so here’s a collection of stories that’ve caught my eye over the last week or so. The main theme tying a lot of this stuff together is … Continue reading

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Camping it up

So, it’s pretty obvious that the most exciting thing happening at the moment is the wave of huge protests that started off in Spain, but now seems to have spread to France and Greece, among other places (not least the … Continue reading

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