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Solidarity with claimants against the courts and the jobcentre – Norwich, Thursday 12th May

A call from Norwich Claimants’ Union: “A claimant has a court hearing this Thursday 12th May at Norwich Magistrates Court. They are accused of assaulting the security staff at the Norwich Jobcentre. Yet another case of a claimant under a … Continue reading

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Know your rights at the jobcentre: saying no to zero-hours contracts

While looking for reports of how the recent week of action against workfare had gone, I stumbled across a useful bit of information from the excellent Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty: in response to a Freedom of Information request, the Department … Continue reading

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Are jobcentres bullying claimants illegally?

Johnny Void’s consistently excellent coverage of welfare issues continues with a new article on Universal Jobmatch and the importance of not consenting to being monitored by the DWP. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the article is not the article … Continue reading

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Jobmatch: the latest news, and a few thoughts on where next.

Today, Iain Duncan Smith confirmed that Jobmatch is going to become compulsory in the New Year. Channel 4 News, the Independent and the Telegraph all have good critical articles on the story – the Telegraph’s coverage is particularly notable, as … Continue reading

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More thoughts on Jobmatch

As a general rule, I try to avoid writing too much about my own personal experiences, but since they’re directly relevant to the issue of Jobmatch, I’ll make an exception here. As many people who read my last post on … Continue reading

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Today Tunisia, tomorrow Egypt, the world some time after that

So, it’s been a busy week or so since I last wrote anything on here. The revolt in Tunisia’s really taken off, and the uprising in Egypt seems like a promising sign that the unrest could have the potential to … Continue reading

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Action beyond “actions”

The Commune seem to be doing a really good job of putting forward well-thought-out, insightful, readable analyses at the moment. This leaflet that they’ve produced for the Network X gathering is typically good, and well worth reading. Looking beyond this … Continue reading

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