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Left populism will eat itself? A reply on populism, elections and the Party of Order

Daphne Lawless, of the New Zealand/Aotearoa-based group Fightback, has recently published a kind of post-mortem or autopsy on left populism after the near-simultaneous collapse of the Sanders and Corbyn projects. As with some of her previous work, there’s a lot … Continue reading

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Answering our rulers’ crisis with mutual aid and solidarity

As the pantomime in Parliament goes on and on, a no deal Brexit is coming to seem increasingly plausible – not that anyone in charge particularly wants it, but then few of our rulers actively wanted a four-year war in … Continue reading

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Red babies, brown bathwater: a response on the “zombie plague”

In recent months, the subject of “red-brown” alliances bringing together parts of the left and the far-right, especially around shared support for Assad in Syria, has received increased attention, particularly since the publication of Radical Vagabond’s massive investigation on the … Continue reading

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The centre cannot hold: 2016 in review

So, this was a pretty brutal year in a lot of ways. It wasn’t all grim all the time, but there was certainly more than enough pain and misery to go around. This is an attempt to try and trace … Continue reading

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Brexit means the sky is falling: how Aufheben learned to stop worrying and love the EU

“In these circumstances… victory or defeat, in political as well as economic terms, comes down to a hopeless choice between two kinds of beatings for the European working classes.” – Rosa Luxemburg Aufheben, the long-running Brighton-based theoretical journal, recently published … Continue reading

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No exit: quick notes on the temptation to look for legal solutions to political problems

The aftermath of the Brexit vote has certainly been upsetting and ugly in many ways, so it’s understandable that some people have taken comfort from the recent High Court judgement that put an extra obstacle in the path to Article … Continue reading

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A house divided: thoughts from a disunited kingdom

So, which are you? Are you an uneducated, probably elderly and therefore worthless, racist driven by blind hatred of immigrants? Or are you an out-of-touch snobby metropolitan liberal who doesn’t believe in democracy and loves sneering at the poor? Pick … Continue reading

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