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Call for action against overcrowding in Southwark, and reports from pickets, bike rides, and antifascist success stories

Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth are calling for people to help them pressure the council into rehousing 5 families living in seriously overcrowded accommodation:   “5 HASL families who are statutorily overcrowded have faced huge delays and refusals by Southwark … Continue reading

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Call for emails in support of Brighton Deliveroo workers

The IWGB report that supporters of the Brighton Deliveroo workers have been emailing in in support of their demands, and encourage anyone who feels like it to join in. To add your support, email press@deliveroo.co.uk, reception@deliveroo.co.uk and david.ross@deliveroo.co.uk, and cc … Continue reading

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Deliveroo in Brighton: it’s on!

As of today, the Brighton Deliveroo riders who’ve organised through the IWGB union have officially launched a campaign for the company to pay £5 per drop. As of today, that looks like a petition and some ITV coverage, but we … Continue reading

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Deliveroo updates: concessions in Brighton, victimisation in Leeds

In Brighton, where Deliveroo riders gave the company two weeks to institute a hiring freeze and raise the rate per drop to £5, the first of those demands has now been met. There’s now just a few days to go … Continue reading

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Updates on the Brighton Deliveroo dispute

The IWGB have now released a public statement on the situation with Deliveroo in Brighton. They’ve told the company that it has until 21st February to meet their demands or face the beginning of a campaign. In their words, Britain’s … Continue reading

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Brighton Deliveroo drivers on strike

(March update – checking back, this post seemed to have disappeared. Obviously a lot’s happened since then, so it’s not breaking news anymore, but FWIW I’ve restored the original announcement of the strike – can’t remember if I had anything … Continue reading

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Make one, two, three, many Day Xs!

So, the day before the next day of action, currently being dubbed as Day X2. What’s been happening in the meantime? The Edinburgh uni occupation’s started a valiant attempt to keep track of the various occupations here, complete with contact … Continue reading

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