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Deliveroo wildcat in Bristol

This story is actually a month old, but I missed it at the time. Over the last year or so, organising among Deliveroo workers has become increasingly international, as seen in the actions taken by Deliveroo riders in Berlin this … Continue reading

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Events diary for March

March looks to be a pretty busy month, with various events happening across the country. A quick round-up of a few things to look out for: On the first Saturday, the 4th, Bristol antifascists will be out opposing a far-right … Continue reading

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Antifascist actions this weekend: against the art-right, Britain First, Polish nationalists and more…

The far-right will be out and about in various different forms this weekend, and there’ll be opposition to them all over the place: In Telford, Shropshire Antifa are mobilising against a Britain First rally. Down in London, London Antifascists and … Continue reading

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Food for thought: new organising initiative and bulletin for Deliveroo staff

The growth of grassroots workers’ organisations at “gig economy” companies like Deliveroo and UberEats has been one of the few bright spots in the last few months, and this seems to be part of an international trend to judge by … Continue reading

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Hope and solidarity in dark times

At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, when looking at “the big picture” – Politics with a capital P, the stuff of states, parties, major news headlines – there’s not much to be cheerful about at the moment, even … Continue reading

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Action against rip-off temp agency, Wednesday 13th August, London

This upcoming action against a rip-off temp agency in West London looks worth attending if you can make it, or helping to publicise if you can’t: ACTION TO GET OUR HOLIDAY PAY!! We are 4 agency workers, on minimum wage, … Continue reading

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Here comes the summer…

So, it’s been an interesting week. As you may well have heard by now, events got quite heated last night in Bristol. The riot wasn’t the only thing to have happened this week of course: An unemployed ex-miner was able … Continue reading

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They hold the scissors, we hold the rock

So, continuing my run of bad timing, I managed to write that piece about how we should engage with the media more just before that Jody McIntyre “rolling towards the police” interview happened. Having said that, I would still claim … Continue reading

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Cautiously optimistic: Walkouts and occupations everywhere

So, what to make of Wednesday’s walkouts? Obviously, they were fantastic. No-one really seems sure how many universities were occupied, but it seems to have been at least 29. (Count ‘em: University of West England, Manchester Met, SOAS, Plymouth, Royal … Continue reading

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